Low noise energy saving roots blowers

Low noise and energy saving roots blowers of introduction to the types

A strong power, energy conservation and low noise of three leaves roots blower in the working process of the industrial water treatment is a more important role, with three leaves roots blowers compared to traditional two leaf type, operating more simple, high mechanical strength, load change smaller vibration and noise is relatively less, the following is to introduce several kinds of low noise and energy saving effect good roots blower of the species.

1. Energy saving and consumption reduction model: energy saving and consumption reduction is a very important development trend in China’s industrial development at present, which puts forward higher requirements for modern industrial production details. This type of model adopts computer dynamic balance correction, stable air volume and reduce vibration noise, and adopts special impeller design to effectively save energy and improve efficiency, which is the best choice for energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. Small low noise type: there are a lot of blower boot after operation have a bigger noise and vibration, form the serious noise pollution, this kind of small, low noise blower structure compact, mainly composed of motor, transition device, air blower, air chamber, the base of ontology () and fuel tank, drip nozzle of six parts, has obvious advantages in the quiet performance.

3. Durable: many users will consider the service life of roots blower as a key factor in their choice. Durable blower equipment can be widely used in water treatment, pneumatic conveying, vacuum packaging, aquaculture and other industries.

With the continuous development and progress of energy conservation and emission reduction in China, mechanical equipment with low noise and high energy efficiency is becoming more and more popular. It can be said that roots blower with high energy saving efficiency, low noise and low vibration will be the mainstream of market development in the future development trend of blower equipment.

Low noise energy saving roots blowers

Low noise energy saving roots blowers

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