Solvent recovery pump

Solvent recovery plant

Solvent recovery device of application:

● the products are mainly used for gas recovery of alkane, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, ethers, alcohols, nitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds, etc. It is suitable for petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical, coating, artificial leather, electronic products, painted gold ornaments, sports equipment, plastic products, shoe materials, precision casting, metal manufacturing and other industries.
● will be used after the organic solvent recycling treatment, so that the waste organic solvent rise again, recycling. (restore the new solvent through the equipment and put it into the production process to realize multiple recycling of the solvent, so as to save costs and achieve the purpose of environmental protection.)

● it is beneficial to protect operators from gas damage

Solvent recovery device of features:

It provides vacuum conditions for evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression, degassing, as well as solvent recovery, extraction of various highly toxic, inflammable and explosive, strong acid and strong alkali. In addition to the application of circulating water vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump, it is also used in medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, criminal investigation technology and other fields.

● no need for any working medium, no friction at working parts.

● stable vacuum, easy to control the vacuum degree, can be adjusted according to the needs of the experiment.

● all parts in contact with gas are surface treated with Teflon (PTFE), which is fully resistant to chemical corrosion.

● the valve sheet is made of imported materials.

●SKF bearing imported from Switzerland.

● special motor by well-known motor manufacturer ODM, reasonable transmission design, self-cooling exhaust system, can run continuously for a long time.

● small size, light weight, easy to move, save laboratory space.

● convenient for repair and maintenance.

◆ air inlet separation bottle, can prevent the solid particles and liquid water into the pump body.

◆ air outlet condenser, can be used for secondary recovery of low boiling point substances, improve the recovery efficiency, avoid organic solvent exhaust into the atmosphere.

Suitable for solvent recovery pump.

Solvent recovery pump
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