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The growing foreign dry pump market is mainly driven by the rapid development of semiconductor industry, chemical industry and film industry. In Japan, dry vacuum pumps have been used instead of oil-sealed mechanical pumps in semiconductor industry. More than 45% of semiconductor industry in Europe and America have replaced oil-sealed mechanical pumps with dry vacuum pumps, which greatly improves the performance and quality of products.

In order to meet the requirements of different application fields and different working conditions, there are multistage Roots vacuum pumps, multistage claw vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, scroll vacuum pumps, reciprocating piston vacuum pumps and turbine oil-free vacuum pumps abroad. Limit pressure ranges from 10 Pa to 10-2 Pa and pumping speed from 20 m3/h to 500 m3/h. According to statistics, the application of domestic dry pumps is less than 1%. All domestic dry pumps for semiconductor industry are imported from abroad, and their prices are very expensive. Therefore, EVP vacuum pump manufacturers vigorously research and development of dry pumps. Dry pumps alone have successfully become Australia vacuum pump suppliers. EVP dry pumps are very popular in Australia.

Oil-free dry mechanical vacuum pumps (also known as dry mechanical pumps) refer to pumps that can begin to exploit under atmospheric pressure, but also directly inject gas into the atmosphere. There is no oil or other working medium in the pump chamber, the limit pressure of the pump and the type of oil-sealed vacuum pumps are the same order of magnitude or close to the mechanical vacuum pumps.

Vacuum industry uses most mechanical vacuum pumps oil, water or other polymer fluids as working media of pumps, cooling pumps, seals, smooth, etc. With the development of science and technology and the expansion of the vacuum application scope of the original mechanical vacuum pump and its extraction system, there are two pressing problems: First, the working medium pump reflux pollutes the pumped container, and in many cases this reflux affects the quality and quantity of products, and increases the cost of equipment maintenance. Secondly, due to the reaction materials produced in some processes, the medium of the vacuum pump deteriorates seriously, which makes the pump unable to work properly.

As for the general oil-free vacuum system, although oil-sealed vacuum pumping units can be used with cold traps or adsorption traps, such as accessories, to avoid reflux, but it can not deal with the problem completely, making the system complex. Suitable for dry mechanical vacuum pump type, can achieve the desired effect.


The scroll disc of an oil-free scroll dry pump is a helix connected to a plane by one or more involute spirals. A pair of whirlpools consisting of a stationary whirlpool and a moving whirlpool constitute the fundamental suction installation of the oil-free whirlpool vacuum. For example, in a two-stage oil-free scroll vacuum pump, there are two stationary scrolls and a rotating scroll between the two vortices. The relative motion of the stationary scroll disc forms a crescent-shaped vacuum chamber, which sucks the intake port from the exhaust port, exhausts the exhaust port and completes the exhaust cycle.

Dry vacuum pumps are mainly used in semiconductor, chemical industry, film, instrument, medicine, food and other industries. More than 50% of the products on the market are imported brands. Especially in the semiconductor industry, the vast majority of vacuum pumps are foreign brands. Domestic vacuum pumps are mainly used in chemical industry and other industries.

In recent years, driven by a few Australia vacuum pump suppliers, great progress has been made in many kinds, sealing performance, strength requirements, regulating function, movement performance and flow performance, especially sealing performance. But as a whole, there is still a big gap and a lot of work to be done.

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