Phone case highlights use vacuum pumps

Mobile phone case highlighting machine USES vacuum pump

1. Dust collection and waste collection

When there are many kinds of materials with high dust, such as graphite, acrylic, cell phone panel and aluminum alloy, etc., the waste materials in the processing area should be cleaned timely to avoid scratching the surface and dust entering the cell phone shell highlight machine, thus damaging the mechanical structure and causing fire.

2, adsorption workpiece

By means of vacuum chuck, the pressure difference between the vacuum and the outside world is used for the adsorption of the “processed workpiece”. The vacuum pump used in the highlight machine of mobile phone shell is mainly used for the adsorption of materials in the cutting, and the adsorbed materials can not move autonomously. Mainly used in the “non-magnetic material” plate processing such as glass, acrylic, mobile phone shell, can be used in the workpiece handling or processing products when the workpiece fixed.

Vacuum pump for mobile phone case highlighting machine.

Phone case highlights use vacuum pumps

2BV series liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump features:

1.100% oil-free design, conducive to environmental protection;

2. Stable operation, noise can be as low as 62 db;

3. Coaxial direct connection design of the pump, easy to install;

4. The unique design enables zero maintenance of equipment;

5. Air ejector vacuum can be as low as 10mbar;

6. Optional material: whole pump stainless steel;

7. Standard configuration: mechanical seal and stainless steel impeller;

8.2BV series can be configured with closed water cooling unit, air cooling unit and cabinet type unit

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