Vacuum system in electric vacuum device

Vacuum system of exhaust station in electric vacuum device for requirements

The exhaust of electric vacuum device is carried out on the exhaust platform. For the microwave tube exhaust station, according to the type of oven can be divided into ordinary exhaust stage (single vacuum exhaust station) and double vacuum exhaust station; according to the vacuum degree that can be achieved, it can also be divided into high vacuum exhaust station and ultra-high vacuum exhaust station. No matter what kind of exhaust platform, it should include vacuum pumping system, vacuum measuring device, heating and degassing equipment, power supply and control mechanism.

electric vacuum device

The vacuum system is the core part of the exhaust platform, and the air inside the device depends on the vacuum system to pump away and reach a certain degree of vacuum. The vacuum system consists of vacuum pump, connecting pipe, vacuum valve and auxiliary device.

Vacuum system for requirements

The general requirements for vacuum system are as follows:

(1) Vacuum requirements. The basic requirement of vacuum system is to achieve the required vacuum degree, including the limit vacuum degree of the system itself and the vacuum degree that can be achieved by the device being pumped. Generally speaking, the vacuum degree that can be achieved inside the device is lower than the limit vacuum degree of the system. Therefore, when selecting the vacuum system of the exhaust station, the limit vacuum degree of the system should be higher than the vacuum degree required by the device.

The limit vacuum of the system mainly depends on the limit vacuum degree of vacuum pump, the tightness of vacuum system and the thoroughness of degassing.

(2) The system should have the required pumping rate. The size of pumping speed determines the exhaust time of the device. Increasing the pumping speed can shorten the exhaust time and improve the labor productivity. The metal structure microwave tube will emit a lot of gas in the exhaust, and it must have enough pumping speed to exhaust the gas released from the parts in time, so as to reduce the possibility of gas adsorption and cathode poisoning caused by other parts. However, the pumping speed should be adapted to the volume of the device to be pumped. If the pumping speed is too high, the equipment cost and water and electricity consumption will be increased, which will lead to waste.

The pumping speed of the system depends not only on the pumping speed of the vacuum pump, but also on the conduction capacity of the connecting pipes and vacuum valves.

Vacuum system in electric vacuum device

(3) The vacuum system should be simple and reliable in structure, easy to operate and maintain as far as possible, with low noise, no pollution and low cost.

In order to meet the above requirements, the vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, vacuum valve, vacuum pipeline and other devices must be selected reasonably according to the size, complexity, materials and other factors of the device.

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