3D printing hand model vacuum pump re mold?

What is vacuum replica? Why more and more customers choose vacuum pump mold? The next 3D printing will explain to you: vacuum pump mold, that is, using the product prototype to make silica gel mold under the vacuum pump, using polyurethane materials, transparent polyurethane materials, ABS and other raw materials to forge the same mold under the vacuum pump, so as to achieve the compressive strength and strength of ABS and other raw materials, and can also copy together according to the hue specified by customers.

vacuum pump re mold

Because of its faster speed and low cost, it solves the problem of cycle time and cost of new product development. Generally speaking, consumers do not need a large number of upper and lower guardrails.

But sometimes you need to do dozens or even hundreds of yuan model, if you use CNC lathe processing or 3D printing, the cost is very high.

In this case, if the precision of the enemy plate is not very strict, the best way is to use vacuum pump abrasives. This is also the reason why many customers choose the vacuum pump mold.

Hand model

For more information about 3D printed hand model vacuum pump, please contact us. Here is a brief introduction to the vacuum pump knowledge, I hope to help you solve a small problem.

3D printing hand model vacuum pump re mold?

Vacuum pumps of methods for periodic inspection

The main technical performance of vacuum pump (vacuum degree, etc.) can meet the design requirements or process requirements, and the auxiliary equipment (condenser, etc.) is complete; Smooth operation without preparation, normal sound, no overheating, good sealing. Rotary vane vacuum pump equipment lubrication system intact, lubricating oil in accordance with the requirements, and regular inspection, oil change. All kinds of instruments (such as vacuum gauge, etc.) indicate the correct value, and regularly check; Flexible opening and closing of each valve, good sealing, no leakage phenomenon; No leakage and regular inspection.

The motor is properly equipped and operates normally (temperature rise and sound are normal), the electrical circuit is safe and reliable, there are grounding protection measures, the electrical device (control cabinet) is reliable, and the electrical instrument instructions are correct; Safety protection device is available. The equipment and cooling system are clean and free from rust. The liquid ring vacuum pump cooling system operates normally, the cooling device is intact, the drainage temperature does not exceed the specified requirements, there should be a water break protection device.

Generally speaking, the working fluid used is water. The energy acting on the rotor impeller is received by the liquid and transmitted to the compressed gas, thus causing the temperature of the liquid ring to rise. Liquid ring part of the water and gas together with the compression out of the pump. Most of the heat generated during the compression is taken away. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly replenish fresh water to keep the working temperature of the liquid ring pump constant. In most liquid ring vacuum pumps, the operating temperature is about 15-20℃, it depends on the temperature of the supplementary water.

In fact, the ultimate pressure of the liquid ring pump is not very important, because different liquids, under the pressure of 50-60 hPA, cavitation will occur, the pump components will be damaged. As the pump approaches the limit pressure, the pumping rate is very low and the water at the pump inlet begins to boil. When turning to the pump outlet, the bubbles formed began to burst. This will produce a lot of noise, at the same time the pump driving wheel and pump cavity and other components are gradually destroyed. This phenomenon is often called cavitation. Once cavitation occurs, a small amount of fresh air is introduced through a small valve. In this case, a small hole was made in the population passage to allow the quantitative addition of fresh others. If a gas ejector had been used, cavitation would not have occurred.

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