Dry claw vacuum pump operation

The maintenance requirements of dry claw vacuum pump can reduce the equipment failure caused by insufficient maintenance.

Dry claw vacuum pump of maintenance procedure

Dry claw vacuum pump operation

1. dry claw vacuum pump operation precautions

(1) Check the normal connection of equipment and pipeline before each start-up.

(2) Before starting, make sure there are no foreign matters in the intake pipe and exhaust pipe, and open the exhaust pipe valve to prevent the pressure from increasing.

(3) After the vacuum pump is started, open the inlet pipe valve again to prevent foreign matters from entering the blocked cavity.

(4) Observe the oil level window and check the lubricating oil to ensure it is sufficient

(5) For working conditions containing sticky substances or dust, the filter screen and pump chamber should be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to clean the pump before each shutdown

(6) If the start-up is not smooth after shutdown under intermittent conditions, open the motor cover to rotate the motor shaft for 5-10 turns, or blow steam for 10 minutes

(7) When the condensable gas is pumped out or the ambient humidity is too high, a proper amount of dry air should be introduced before the pump is stopped, and the pump cavity shall be emptied.

(8) When the pump is stopped for a long time, close the intake valve, start the vacuum pump for 20 minutes, then close the exhaust port, and then stop the pump to avoid water vapor entering

(9) Ensure that the quantity and temperature of circulating cooling water meet the technical requirements during operation. In case of water cut-off, please stop the pump;

(10) When the ambient temperature is lower than zero, the circulating cooling water should flow when the pump stops to prevent the cavity from freezing and cracking.

(11) For working conditions containing condensable gases, the exhaust pipe must be lower than the exhaust port. The exhaust port is upward, connected with the tee and connected with the recovery tank.

Dry claw pump of cross-sectional view

Dry claw pump of cross-sectional view

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