2X rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pumps can be used alone, or as a booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, and using titanium pump, a gas array valve, can be pumping condensable gas, wet air or gas, mixed gas water medium not containing granular solid matter. This series of pumps are widely used in the process of vacuum smelting, vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment and vacuum drying in metallurgy, mechanical, electronic, chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.

一、 Overview of 2X rotary vane vacuum pump:

2X rotary vane vacuum pump is a double rotary vane rotating mechanical vacuum pump oil seal type, it is low, one of the main equipment in vacuum, it can be used alone, also can become the roots vacuum pump, diffusion pump, worm gear, molecular pump such as ultrahigh vacuum pump of the pump. It is the basic equipment used to remove gas from the sealed container. The working principle is the same as that of the general air volume pump. It is composed of a rotor with an eccentric position in the pump body and two radial sliding vane on the rotor.

Due to the height of the development of modern science and technology,  2X  rotary vane vacuum pump application in various fields of science and various enterprises and institutions for metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, atomic energy, electric vacuum, oil, printing and dyeing, semiconductor, food, electrical appliances, textiles and other scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises for use in scientific research and production with teaching.

二、Application scope of 2X rotary vane vacuum pump:

The 2X rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for low and medium vacuum field. It is the basic equipment used for sealing the vacuum of the vacuum. It is mainly used to remove air and other dry gases. But do not smoke the gas that is corrosive, flammable, explosive, also cannot smoke the gas that contains small particle or dust, more cannot send other small object.

三、 Working principle of 2X rotary vane vacuum pump:

The rotor revolves around the axis of the 2X rotary vane vacuum pump. The drive motor drives the vacuum pump shaft through the belt and pulley. The rotor rotation in circular pump body, pump body centerline deviation from the rotor axis, so the rotor and the pump body wall form linear contact, chute sliding along the rotor blades, pump body and rotor are separated into two working Chambers, when work cavity and air intake is linked together, breathe air, as the rotation of the rotor, inhaled gas is compressed, and then out of the oil. Constant pressure differentiates the vacuum lubricant into the compression chamber. Oil and gas is pumped into the oil, and oil and gas separation by gravity, oil back to the oil tank, into the oil circulation, oil-free gases to the atmosphere through the vent line, so as to achieve the purpose of extraction, this operation every turn repeated twice.


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