Screw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction

What are the characteristics of the screw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction

Aromatics extraction device can not only reduce benzene content in gasoline, improve gasoline quality and protect the environment on which human beings live. More importantly, it can provide high purity basic raw materials to meet the growing needs of the petrochemical industry and the chemical fiber industry, through the extraction of non-aromatic products, can also be used as raw materials for the production of high-quality solvent oil. The application of dry screw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction was introduced.

Screw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction

The recovery tower in the aromatics extraction unit is an important unit for producing aromatics products and recovering solvents. Due to the limitation of solvent degradation temperature, recovery towers are usually designed to operate in a negative pressure environment. In the traditional aromatics process packaging, the vacuum system of the recovery tower is mainly realized by the steam jet pump, which consumes a lot of water and produces a lot of sewage in the production, which is easy to cause environmental pollution. In recent years, with the improvement of equipment level in petrochemical industry and the country’s emphasis on energy saving and emission reduction, dry vacuum system has gradually replaced the traditional wet system.

The dry vacuum pump system and the process steam do not pollute each other, and the process steam can be directly removed from the waste gas treatment system after compression and pressurization by the dry screw vacuum pump. Recommended for aromatics extraction equipment the main application of the vacuum solution is dry vacuum pump vacuum cleaning.

Why dry screw vacuum pump? What are its performance characteristics?

Dry screw vacuum pump performance characteristics

1. There is no medium in the working room, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

2. Both the working chamber and the surface of the screw rotor have anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to the harsh working environment.

3, the gas is not compressed in the pump, suitable for extracting condensable gas.

4. A single pump can be pumped from atmospheric pressure to 1Pa, and the vacuum system can be greatly simplified.

5. Water temperature has almost no effect on vacuum, saving more than 90% water, or even no water.

6, no oil consumption, no water dripping

7. No friction between rotating parts, high speed operation, small size.

8. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

9. The pumped gas is discharged directly from the pump body, without polluting the water body and environmental protection pressure, so the gas recovery is more convenient.

10, can be combined with roots pump, molecular pump oil-free device.

It can be seen from the performance characteristics of screw vacuum pump that dry vacuum pump has remarkable energy saving and environmental protection effect by replacing steam jet pump. Device. At present, the application of dry screw vacuum pump in aromatic extraction process reduces the discharge of benzene containing wastewater from the plant and the environmental pollution of the plant. The other party can greatly reduce operating costs and clean up the equipment after it is put into production. A good foundation.

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