Power plant pump

The detailed introduction of pump in power plant

1, the power plant pump double suction pump if not used for a long time, the power plant pump, should put the water in the pump cavity out, and wipe dry with a dry cloth pump cavity. If the pump chamber is not in a dry state, the power plant pump, for a long time, the pump chamber will rust. At this point, we may not be able to turn on the vacuum pump when we use it.

2, manual derusting, this measure is cost-saving and insurance, you can use the tools at hand to remove rust, do not need to use other chemical products to remove rust.

3, with rust remover, the rust remover into the double suction pump chamber, placed for a period of time, this measure rust is very clean but damage to the pump chamber.

Power plant pump

The water pump for power plant is used for water or other water with similar physical and chemical properties, and the conveying temperature is not more than 80 ℃. The material of impeller, seal ring and shaft sleeve can be changed to absorb muddy water containing sediment. Pump shaft seal generally used soft packing, if there is a special order requirements, can also install mechanical seal.

The pump seal system of power plant can be used for mechanical seal packing seal, its cooling and lubrication are internal circulation; Double suction impeller with high flow rate and high efficiency; Replaceable shaft sleeve as wearing parts, to protect the shaft, the service life of the pump; Seal ring as wearing parts, qidong power plant pump, play pump efficiency pump life characteristics. Double suction impeller, high flow rate and high efficiency. Energy saving, wide application range, long life. Easy maintenance, no need to remove water inlet road and motor. Available mechanical seal packing seal and its cooling lubrication are internal circulation. The middle open double suction pump is used for conveying clean water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. According to the requirements of users, the pump structure and material can be used for conveying multi-mud sand water or all kinds of corrosive liquids.

Power plant pump double suction pump as an important form of centrifugal pump, power plant pump, because of its high head, large flow and other characteristics, has been widely used in engineering. The pump impeller is actually composed of two back-to-back impeller combinations, from which the water flows into a volute. Double suction pump has the following characteristics: it is equivalent to the same diameter of the two single-suction impeller at the same time, in the same impeller under the outer diameter of the flow can be increased twice; The pump shell is horizontally open, convenient for inspection and maintenance. At the same time, the inlet and outlet of the double-suction pump are in the same direction and perpendicular to the pump shaft, which is conducive to the layout and installation of the pump and the inlet and outlet water pipes. The impeller of double suction pump has symmetrical structure, no axial force, and runs smoothly.

The suction inlet and outlet of the double-suction clean water centrifugal pump of the pump in the power plant are both below the axis of the pump. The horizontal direction and the axis are in a vertical position. The pump shell is opened. If according to the user’s special ordering needs can also be changed to clockwise rotation. The main other parts of the pump are: pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double suction seal ring, shaft sleeve, bearing, etc. Apart from the high quality carbon steel, the shaft is made of cast iron. The pump body and the pump cover constitute the workroom of the impeller. The inlet and outlet water flange is equipped with a tube screw hole for installing vacuum gauge and pressure gauge. The lower part of the inlet and outlet water flange is equipped with a tube screw hole for discharging water.

After static balance check, the impeller of pump in power plant is fixed by shaft sleeve and shaft sleeve nut on both sides, and its axial position can be adjusted by shaft sleeve nut. The pump shaft is supported by two single-row radial ball bearings, which are mounted in the bearing body at both ends of the pump body and lubricated with butter. The double-suction seal ring is used to reduce water leakage back into the suction chamber of the water pump pressurization chamber. The pump is driven directly by an electric motor through a coupling. The shaft seal is a soft packing seal. In order to cool and lubricate the sealing chamber and prevent air from leaking into the pump, there is a water sealing ring between the fillers. When the pump works, a small amount of high-pressure water flows into the packing chamber through the water sealing tube to act as water sealing.

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