helium mass spectrometer leak detector in chemical pipeline leak detection

Most of the chemical gases are toxic, causing great harm to human body, and even death due to stopping breathing. The chemical gas leakage accident not only causes huge losses to the company, but also damages the surrounding villagers and the ecological environment. In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, chemical manufacturers should do airtight leak detection for chemical pipes and equipment when they put into the construction of plants, and regular leak detection is also required in the later production. Traditional gas pipeline leak detection methods, such as bubble method and soap method, are not practical in the pipeline leak detection of harmful gases such as chemical plants. Helium mass spectrometer leak detector, which detects micro leakage, has become the guarantee of safety production in chemical plants.

helium mass spectrometer leak detector application

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is a kind of special leak detector with tracer gas helium. It has stable performance and high sensitivity. It is a mature equipment in vacuum leak detection technology, and is widely used. For the safety of workers and environmental protection, helium mass spectrometer leak detector has become the best choice for chemical pipeline leak detection.

There are two detection methods of helium mass spectrometer leak detector in pipeline detection, negative pressure method and positive pressure method. Generally, negative pressure method is used in chemical pipeline. The negative pressure method is often called vacuumizing, which is a common method of helium mass spectrometer leak detector. The way of leak detection is: connect the chemical pipeline to be tested, vacuum pump group and helium mass spectrometer leak detector, and vacuum the pipeline with vacuum pump group to achieve a certain degree of vacuum. Helium spray gun is used to seal the joint of the pipeline and spray helium at the weld joint. If there is any leakage in the inspected pipeline, when helium is sprayed on the leakage hole, helium will be immediately inhaled into the vacuum system, and then diffused into the mass spectrometer room, and the helium mass spectrometer leak detector will respond immediately when it senses helium. The result of leak detection is achieved. Helium is a lighter inert gas, which will rise automatically when it is ejected. In order to find the leak position accurately and spray helium, use this method to spray helium from top to bottom, from near to far (relative to the position of the leak detector), which is because it may be inhaled by the upper leak when it is below; the distance between the leak hole and the mass spectrometer chamber is also different from the reaction time of the leak detector, so helium should be sprayed from the one near the leak detector first One side starts from near to far.

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector has been applied in many fields, such as aerospace high-tech industry, power industry, electronic industry, vacuum instrument industry, nuclear industry, refrigeration industry, stainless steel insulation utensils, etc. In fact, the wide application of helium mass spectrometer leak detector represents a great progress in science and technology. There are two common methods of helium mass spectrometer leak detector: leak point type and leak rate type.

The market of science and technology information is constantly updated and iterated, and the application technology of helium mass spectrometer leak detector is also constantly developed and improved. On the one hand, the helium mass spectrometer leak detector in the past can not meet a demand at this stage, and on the other hand, the leak detector equipment is forced to be updated when new requirements are put forward for the leak detector. On the other hand, the shortcomings of each industry are in the process of progress, and the defects and deficiencies complement and promote each other. Now, the helium mass spectrometer leak detector has already bid farewell to the situation in the early 1940s and 1950s, and has made new breakthroughs in performance and field.

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is suitable for the requirements of component leak detection, flexibility test, high sensitivity, fast start, mobility and system reliability.

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