Vacuum pump in the agricultural product industry chain

Vacuum pump in agricultural product industry chain of practical application

At present, an important development trend of agricultural processing technology is to keep the color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrition of products to the maximum. The vacuum pump technology is applied to the processing of agricultural products, which is mainly used to improve the characteristic index, quality grade index, health index and safety index of agricultural products, and reduce the energy consumption index. The actual application of imported vacuum pump in the agricultural product chain mainly focuses on the development goal of “green, environmental protection, high quality and high efficiency”, improving product quality, reducing production cost, reducing pollution emission, expanding circular economy industry chain, optimizing industrial structure, and accelerating the application and industrialization of high-tech achievements.

Vacuum pump in the agricultural product industry chain

A vacuum is a gas under one atmosphere in a given space. “Vacuum” can reduce the vaporization and evaporation temperature of water, “vacuum” can create a low-oxygen environment, and “vacuum” can form pressure difference (or pressure gradient). Due to this series of unique properties of vacuum, its application in the agricultural product industry chain has produced many effects different from the traditional process. It can reduce the destruction and loss of the heat-sensitive components such as protein and vitamin in the agricultural products, which is beneficial to maintain the effective components of the materials, avoid the gelatinization and coking of the starch in the materials, and thus improve the quality of the products.

1. Vacuum drying

The vacuum freeze-drying technology is to make the material freeze first, then heat up under the vacuum condition, make the ice sublimate and achieve the final drying purpose. It can maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrition of the product, especially the drying of heat-sensitive materials, is a more promising drying method for the production of green food.

2. Vacuum cooling

Due to the release of water or latent heat from the body of agricultural products, agricultural products wilting, color change and reduce the value of commodities, usually the higher the temperature is the larger the respiration. This is the significance of using vacuum cooling for precooling and is a common purpose for other cooling methods.

3. Vacuum adjustment

Compared with the conventional water regulation facilities, the time of vacuum rapid water regulation can be shortened by 0 hours, the uneven degree of water regulation is less than 1%, and the production efficiency and product quality can be greatly improved. At the same time, the shorter vacuum treatment process can reduce the bacterial content of grain, free from pest pollution; Easy removal of sand and dust from grains; It provides a good condition to balance moisture distribution and improve powder yield and product quality. The vacuum rapid moisture regulation technology can greatly shorten the time of rungu, the quantity of rungu granary and the secondary pollution of rungu, and the quality of subsequent processed products is stable. At the same time, the cleaning process is easier to control, and the production efficiency and product quality are greatly improved. It has the advantages of good water regulation quality, fast regulation speed, high output, low energy consumption, high automation, convenient operation, high cost performance. Under the condition of guaranteeing the processing quality, the equipment input and production cost are greatly reduced, and the equipment is of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

The use of vacuum pump technology can reduce or avoid the oxidation of materials, prevent the “Browning” of materials, is conducive to the extension of product storage period. Vacuum state can make agricultural products impregnated, degassing, dehydration, humidification, flavor, cooling, preservation and so on shorten the processing time. When degassing the tissue of agricultural products under low pressure, if the tissue of agricultural products is applied with external pressure, the products with dense tissues can be obtained. At the same time, enhancing the competitiveness of products in the international market and promoting the whole agricultural products deep processing industry chain to a healthy, high speed and high efficiency development path are of great practical and far-reaching strategic significance for guaranteeing normal domestic and foreign trade.

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