Three leaf roots blower

The characteristics of three leaf roots blower are that when the pressure is adjusted within the allowable range, the flow rate changes little, the pressure selection range is wide, and it has the characteristics of forced gas transportation. The medium does not contain oil during transportation. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, long service life and small vibration. The EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will introduce the main features of the three blade roots blower.

Due to periodic suction, exhaust and instantaneous constant volume compression, the fluctuation of air velocity and pressure will cause large aerodynamic noise. In addition, the gap between rotor and rotor and cylinder will cause gas leakage, which will reduce the efficiency. The displacement is 0.15-150 m3 / min, and the speed is 150-3000 rpm. The single-stage pressure ratio is usually less than 1.7, and the height can reach 2.1, which can be used in series.

Three leaf roots blower is a positive displacement fan. In the space sealed by the shell and the wall plate, there are two three vanes which can rotate relatively. Because each impeller uses involute or epicycloid needle group, so winding is the machining contour of impeller. The three blades of each impeller are the same, so are the two impellers. This greatly reduces the difficulty of processing. When machining the impeller, CNC equipment is used to ensure that under the condition of constant center distance, no matter what the position of the two impellers, the two impellers can maintain a certain small clearance and ensure that the gas leakage is within the allowable range.

Because it is a high-speed machine, it will produce vibration, and because of the internal air pulsation, it will increase the vibration of the blower. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the blower on the ground during the installation process.

We must install the three leaf roots blower before using it to prolong its service life. However, we should not place it at will when placing it, and we must take certain preventive measures to improve the work efficiency. Then how to install the three leaf roots blower?

1. Do not put it in the place where people often go in and out to prevent injury and burn.

2. Please do not place it in the place where inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases are likely to occur, so as to avoid fire and poisoning.

3. According to the direction of inlet and outlet and maintenance requirements, appropriate space should be reserved near the root surface.

4. When placed outdoors, rain proof shed should be set to prevent rusting.

5. It can be used for a long time under the ambient temperature of no more than 40 ℃. When the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, cooling methods such as exhaust fan should be installed to prolong the service life of three blade roots blower.

6. When placing, observe whether the foundation is firm, whether the surface is flat and whether the foundation is higher than the ground.

According to different fan models, roots blower excavates a square pit with a depth of 150 * 150 mm at the corresponding position on the ground according to the size of the fan, embeds the anchor bolt, and then connects the fan through the bolt and nut to fill the square hole pit. After the concrete is full, please wait until the concrete is fixed, and then tighten the nut. The fan base is firmly connected to the concrete. This can reduce the vibration displacement of the blower in the process of operation and improve the operation safety of the equipment. Small vibration, but also greatly extended the service life of the fan.

Roots blower used in sewage treatment application and roots blower maintenance

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