liquid ring vacuum pump in air release valve of function

As we all know, each liquid ring vacuum pump has an intake valve, so what is its function?

liquid ring vacuum pump in air release valve of function

Many people will understand that if you open the intake valve, the vacuum of the liquid ring vacuum pump will not be reduced? This is true. However, the function of the intake valve is to eliminate the abnormal noise of the liquid ring vacuum pump when reaching the limit vacuum. Liquid ring vacuum pump in the operation process of water and impeller friction, when reaching the limit of vacuum, will produce a harsh sound, of course, this does not affect the normal use. However, this kind of sound will have an impact on the environment, so when opening the Air release valve, the sound will be weakened accordingly, so the function of the Air release valve of the liquid ring vacuum pump lies in this.

Air release  valve of classification

There are two kinds of manual air release valve and automatic air release valve. The former needs manual operation and is closed manually after deflation, which is more troublesome. The manual air release valve has gradually faded out of the market, while the latter can automatically deflate at any time. Most of the newly built buildings use or automatic air release valve. During the process of water supply for heating, gas will enter the heating pipe. When the gas is congested, Will cause heating is not hot. So to set or Air release valve, used to vent gas, so that heating system circulation unobstructed.

Air release valve of working principle

When the water enters the pipeline, the plug stops at the lower part of the positioning frame for a large amount of exhaust. When the air is exhausted, the water enters the valve to float the ball, and when the plug is closed, the exhaust is stopped. When the pipeline is in normal operation, a small amount of gas will naturally be generated. These gases will gather in the upper part of the pipe. To a certain extent, the water level in the valve will drop, and the floating ball will drop along the water. The gas will be discharged from the small hole. In case of power failure or pump shutdown, the negative pressure will appear at any time when the water in the pipeline is empty, and the floating ball will drop along the water. The small hole will be opened to drive the large hole to conduct a large amount of air intake to ensure the safety of the pipeline.

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