Pulp dehydration roots blower

Main equipment and process characteristics of pulp dewatering blower production process: pulping, coarse screening, flotation, purification, fine screening, clarification, washing, dispersing, dredging

Roots Blower Operation of Description
1. The inlet temperature of the conveying medium should not be greater than 40 C.
2. The content of particles in the medium shall not exceed 100 mg/m3, and the size of particles shall not exceed half of the working gap.
3. Bearing temperature should not be higher than 95 and lubricating oil temperature should not be higher than 65 during operation.
4. Use pressure shall not be higher than the range of boost prescribed on the nameplate.
5. The clearance between impeller and casing, impeller and side plate, impeller and impeller of Roots blower has been adjusted when leaving the factory. The clearance should be guaranteed when reassembling.
6. When Roots blower is running, the oil level of the main tank and the auxiliary tank must be between the two red lines of the oil level meter.
In normal operation, check the temperature of bearings, lubricants and motors in oil tank every 1-2 hours, and do not exceed the prescribed value. Roots blower is noisy in the process of operation. In order to reduce the noise, some simple methods can be used to reduce the noise, such as hole method, besides installing mufflers. Dig a 4-5m3 underground hole, cover the hole, use one duct to lead the air outlet into the hole, and use another duct to lead the outside air into the hole. Two catheters should be stepped into the bottom of the cave as far as possible, which can reduce a lot of noise.

Roots Blower of Regulation Method

One is the ventilation method, which is simple and reliable, but not economical. A more economical way is to adjust the speed. In order to improve the wind pressure and volume of Roots blower, some vertical kiln cement plants speed up the speed of blower. However, it should be noted that the mechanical strength of the mechanical equipment should be taken into account when increasing the speed. It cannot be increased very much, and the general speed should not exceed 15% of the nameplate. When the speed increases, the larger motor will be replaced. The lubricating oil of Roots blower is replaced once in 3 to 6 months or filtered once with copper wire mesh with aperture less than 50 microns. After the first start, the working time is more than 200 hours, oil should be changed. Mufflers should also be repaired about half a year to replace some or all of the sound-absorbing materials. Air filters should be regularly repaired, import and export valves, bypass pipes should be kept in good condition.
Roots Blower Usage: Pressure feeding and low noise: Pressure pulse is the main noise source, Chundinglu Blower can effectively reduce noise up to 5 dB. Lower energy consumption: Roots blower design can reduce countercurrent pressure on the rotor, and relatively reduce energy consumption.
Characteristics of Roots Blower: Long service life: Vacuum Roots Blower has fewer components and no wear, and can run continuously for a long time.
1. Roots blower has a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range, which is widely used in plastic machinery, paper-making machinery, Engraving Machinery and other vacuum applications.
2. The rotor of Roots blower has good geometric symmetry, so it has small vibration and smooth operation, thus prolonging the service life of blower.
3. There are appropriate clearances between the rotor and the rotor of Roots blower and between the rotor and the shell. Without lubrication, the friction loss is small, and the driving power can be greatly reduced.
4. There is no need for oil lubrication in the blower chamber, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system and the trouble of adding lubricating oil.
5. Vacuum Roots blower has high precision, perpendicularity, cycloid and unfolding line, and higher efficiency.
6. Vacuum Roots blower has simple structure and easy maintenance.
7. Vacuum Roots blowers are equipped with vacuum filter barrels for customers to choose from.
Roots blower scope of application: paper mill dehydration, paper transport, paper suction, paper equipment, milking industry, etc.

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