spiral vacuum pump

Vacuum acquisition equipment is a large and wide range of products, it is an indispensable basic component of vacuum engineering.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the field of vacuum technology application, the growth of various vacuum acquisition equipment is also very rapid. In order to meet the needs of the development of vacuum application, especially the continuous renewal of old products and the emergence of new products, the development of vacuum acquisition equipment is entering a new era.

Spiral vacuum pump features:

1. High reliability. The spiral vacuum pump has few parts and no vulnerable parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life.
2. Easy operation and maintenance.

3. Good dynamic balance. The spiral vacuum pump has no unbalanced inertia force, and the machine can run smoothly and at high speed.

4. Strong adaptability. The spiral vacuum pump has the characteristics of forced gas transmission. It can maintain a high pumping speed in a wide range of pressure, and the exhaust volume is almost unaffected by the exhaust pressure.

5. Multiphase Mixed Transport. Because there is a small gap between the tooth surfaces of the rotor of the screw vacuum pump, many kinds of gases, such as corrosive, toxic, dust and condensable steam, can be removed.

spiral vacuum pump

Spiral vacuum pump is widely used in electronics, nuclear energy, chemical industry, medicine, food industry and other fields. In the semiconductor industry, it is used to produce chips, liquid crystal displays, etching and CVD process of PLASMA.

In nuclear industry, it is used for vacuum acquisition in nuclear reactor and nuclear industry; in chemical industry, it is used for vacuum distillation and solvent extraction to recover solvents efficiently; in fatty acid production, it is used to eliminate water pollution and remove obstructions in ejectors; in pharmaceutical industry, it is used to recover pharmaceutical liquid and drug intermediates, to provide clean sterile conditions for the production of artificial organs, and to recover gas disinfectants; in food industry, it is used for perfume. Flavour concentration, food packaging and other applications are very extensive.

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