Gas jet vacuum pump

Our injection system has reliable performance and low maintenance requirements.

Gas jet vacuum pump

Gas jet vacuum pump of application

Drain siphon
Lifting liquid with gas / air
Drain suction line from centrifugal pump
Compress the gas from the gas field into the pipeline

Gas jet vacuum pump operation mode

The gas jet vacuum pump uses the same working principle as all jet pumps: the pressure of the power medium can be converted into the speed energy in the power nozzle.

Gas or compressed air replaces liquid or steam as the power medium. This is particularly suitable for situations where steam cannot be provided or where compressed air or gas is used as the power medium in comparison with steam.

Gas jet vacuum pump of advantages

No moving parts
No maintenance required
Can be installed in almost all cases
Put it into use quickly and easily
If the right material is chosen, there is almost no life limit
It can be made of various materials
Low procurement cost

Some processes need compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases as working medium to pump other gases, liquids or granular solids. For example, the compressed air sucks the solid gravel and sprays it to the glass surface at a high speed to make the process glass full of three-dimensional sense.

The user provides the pressure and flow of the inlet, outlet and suction. Our company designs and manufactures according to the specific process parameters.

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