2X-70 rotary vane vacuum pump

2x-70 rotary vane vacuum pump of product introduction

It is mainly used for vacuum degassing in ceramics, plastic toys, resin crafts, candles, printer ink cartridges, resins, AB glue, LED light-emitting diodes, digital tubes, LED epoxy resin degassing, glass products and other industries. After vacuum degassing, the working surface is dense and bright. The vacuum defoamer is novel in design, light in shape and easy to operate.

Technical specifications

Limit vacuum (airless): up to 6.7 × 101.
Nominal pumping speed: 70L / s.
Power: less than 5.5kW.
Inner diameter of air inlet: 10 mm.
Temperature rise: 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.
Fuel injection: after the pump works stably, there is no fuel injection within one minute.
Noise: sound power level < 70dB (a).
Service life: constant performance after 500 hours of continuous operation.

Installation size:

Installation size

Product show

2X-70 rotary vane vacuum pump2X-70 rotary vane vacuum pump2X-70 rotary vane vacuum pump


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