Ring blower of vacuum conveying system

The separable vacuum hopper loader is based on the existing design and now has a more attractive appearance, better performance, and improved ease of operation. The entire range includes models equipped with vacuum side channel blowers from 1 to 15 HP. Economic model can be provided according to customer requirements.

The vacuum conveying device and vacuum conveying system equipped with ring blower (side channel blower) can transport the most diversified powder, dust, pigment, flake, granular material, tablet, capsule, small parts, etc. in the form of suction airflow through hose or pipe under vacuum condition.

From fine dust of only 0.1 particle size to plastic bottle cap for medical infusion. From the lightest filler with a volume weight of only 0.05 kg / m3 to metal powder with a volume weight of 10 and above.

Most importantly, all of our vacuum conveyors and vacuum conveying systems are ATEX approved for dust with a mi (material ignition energy) value of more than 3mj. The improved device can be used for ATEX zone 0 and 1, and for explosive gases and materials with MI less than 3 MJ (in some cases, 1 MJ).

They are easy to install and operate. Even if there is a leak, no product can enter the environment because of the vacuum.

Ring blower of vacuum conveying system

Annular blower configuration:
1. Shell material: the super strong die-casting aluminum is used for the vortex air pump. The die-casting aluminum is the same as the Benz automobile wheel. Compared with the ordinary aluminum alloy, the die-casting aluminum is stronger and lighter than the iron shell fan.
2. Motor performance: the vortex air pump adopts the motor, which is a wide frequency, wide voltage motor, listed in: single-phase 110V / 230V industrial three-phase: 220 / 380 / 415 / 660V, etc., motor frequency can be 45-75hz frequency modulation, IP55 protection grade F insulation grade, its advantage is that the domestic motor can not reach the process, favored by domestic and foreign customers.
3. Fan oil seal: German Merkel oil seal is used for vortex pump, and German Merkel (Merkel) material is fluororubber, which can bear – 25 ℃ to 300 ℃. Compared with the common oil seal, the temperature of its lip is 20 ~ 50 ℃ higher than that of the working medium, and its performance is more stable, maintenance free, and its service life is longer.
4. Fan bearing: SKF of Germany and NSK of Japan are used as the core components of the vortex air pump. The bearing can withstand a maximum speed of 350 ° C and 4000 rpm. For domestic Lo shaft, human-oriented bearing, stable performance, low noise, maintenance free, longer service life, can ensure longer fan operation.

Basic features:
1. The annular blower can not only inhale air but also blow air, so as to achieve the dual-purpose effect of one machine and save money and heart.
2. The whirlpool air pump is very environment-friendly. It adopts high-speed NSK and SKF high-quality bearings to achieve high efficiency and high performance. In the process of use, it is almost oil-free.
3. Wide frequency, wide voltage and high performance motor is selected for the fan to achieve stable operation and better achieve high pressure, wind power and efficiency of the fan.
4. The air inlet and outlet of the vortex fan are equipped with high-end silencing cotton to reduce the wind noise generated by the fan, that is, to achieve low noise, which will not cause trouble to the surrounding residents.
5. The annular fan is very durable, easy to maintain, and almost maintenance free.
6. The mechanical wear of the vortex blower is very small during its operation, and its service life is at least three years. (and we guarantee the quality for 15 months. If there are quality problems within three months, we will provide free maintenance service!)

Because of its wide use, its selection method is the same as that of the annular fan. Generally speaking, the following steps are required:

The fan selection of different equipment also needs to match the actual use of customers to choose the fan suitable for themselves. Therefore, according to the different material, the workload completed in unit time, the fan selected is also different. We try our best to provide you with the fan most suitable for you.

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