Order liquid ring vacuum pump

Order of liquid ring vacuum pump, cost-effective liquid ring vacuum pump where can be bought, EVP vacuum equipment after years of operation and development, the company has a fairly high level of management team. The liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly used for vacuum pump. It is a device that improves, generates and maintains vacuum in a closed space by various methods. It mainly serves Liaoning area. We always adhere to the business philosophy of “making with heart, cooperating with sincerity, managing with quality” to supply excellent products for the vast demand group, while improving the quality of after-sales service and customer satisfaction.

Order liquid ring vacuum pump

Preparations for start-up of liquid ring vacuum pump:
1. In the initial state, all pumped gas pipelines and working fluid pipelines should be connected correctly, and all valves are closed. There should be no gate valve or check valve on the exhaust side, which will cause the exhaust pipeline to be closed.
2. Adjust the working fluid flow rate and open the working fluid valve for about 10 seconds, so that the pump chamber is filled with about 1/2 of the working fluid.
3. If the mechanical seal is washed out, the sealing fluid valve should be opened immediately before the start-up of the pump to cool and lubricate the mechanical seal.
Starting step of liquid ring vacuum pump:
1. Open the suction valve
2. When using external flushing mechanical seals, the valves in flushing fluid pipeline should be opened first.
3. Open the working fluid valve immediately after starting the motor
4. Adjusting the flow rate of the working fluid valve basically meets the requirements of the table below.


The flow rate of working fluid required for vacuum pump (using 15C water as working fluid)

Steam-free separator

Distribution water separator, part of working fluid recycling

33 ~200 mbar

200~500 mbar

500 mbar

33 ~200mbar



2BV6 110

0. 80

0. 35 0. 30 0.45 0. 25 0. 12

2BV6 111


0. 40 0. 35 0.50 0. 30 0. 12

2BV6 121

1. 20

0. 40 0. 35 0. 60 0. 30 0. 12

2BV6 131


0.45 0.40 0. 90 0. 40 0. 18

2BV6 161


0. 70 0.50 1.20 0. 60 0. 25


With the development of vacuum application in EVP Vacuum Equipment Plant, many kinds of liquid ring vacuum pumps have been developed. Their pumping speed has increased from a few minutes per second to hundreds of thousands or millions of litres per second. With the application of vacuum technology in the field of production and scientific research, the pressure range of vacuum technology is becoming wider and wider. Most of the vacuum pumps need to be composed of several vacuum pumps to pump together before they can meet the requirements of production and scientific research. Because the working pressure range of vacuum application department is very wide, it is impossible for any type of water ring vacuum pump to be completely suitable. For all working pressure ranges, different types of vacuum pumps can only be used according to different working pressure ranges and different working requirements. In order to use conveniently and meet the needs of various vacuum process, sometimes all kinds of vacuum pumps are combined according to their performance requirements for unit type application. The common water ring vacuum pumps include dry screw vacuum pumps, liquid ring pumps, reciprocating pumps, piston pumps, rotary vane pumps, Roots pumps and diffusion pumps. These pumps are indispensable main pumps in the application of vacuum technology in various industries of our national economy. In recent years, with the sustained and high-speed development of China’s economy, the downstream application industry of vacuum pumps has maintained a rapid growth momentum. At the same time, the vacuum pump industry in China has achieved sustained, stable and rapid development driven by the constant expansion of the application field of vacuum pumps and other factors.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the pump industry, angry, strive to upstream, the establishment has so far provided numerous high-quality liquid ring vacuum pumps for the majority of demand groups, good product quality has been unanimously affirmed by the demand groups, and has been well-known among consumers.
Our company always upholds the principle of “honesty, fairness and safety” to provide high quality and affordable water ring vacuum pump for the demand group. Quality will bring out the market and management will create benefits. With high-value products of good quality, combined with scientific and standardized management, the company’s performance is improving day by day. EVP vacuum equipment recommendation demand groups choose land transport; water transport; air transport; road transport; railway transport; air transport logistics mode, we will always pay attention to the safe transport of products for you.
The liquid ring vacuum pump has been highly praised by the industry for its novel style, exquisite technology, superior performance and thoughtful after-sales service. It has always had a good reputation in the pump industry. People in need are welcome to come for inspection and guidance.

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