Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System

In addition to pumping general gases, liquid ring vacuum pump has the main advantage of pumping condensable gases (such as water vapor). Because the liquid ring pump has the characteristics of isothermal compression, it can also suck inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases.

The characteristics of liquid ring vacuum pump are high vacuum degree and strong applicability. When the suitable working medium is selected (sometimes the pumped medium can be used as working fluid), almost all industrial gases can be removed. The above pumps run smoothly and have low noise. They consume 30% less energy than water jet pumps and steam jet pumps. Therefore, liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine, paper making and electrical industry.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

liquid ring vacuum pump system operation process :

(1) The gas enters the liquid ring vacuum pump through the pipeline through the valve, and then discharges into the water tank through the elbow. The gas with water can be separated in the steam-water separator before it can be sent to the place where it is needed through the valve, while the water is stored in the tank.

(2) There is an automatic float switch in the separator, when the water in the tank accumulates more and the water level rises, the float rises, the discharge valve opens automatically and the water flows out along the pipe; when the water level falls, the float falls, the discharge valve closes automatically, and the water stops flowing out, thus maintaining the required water level in the tank.

liquid ring vacuum pump system drawing:

liquid ring vacuum pump system drawing

Liquid ring vacuum pump; 2 – intake valve; 3 – water tank; 4 – automatic float switch; 5 – cooling water supply pipeline;
6-return pipe; 7-regulating water valve; 8-regulating valve; 9-exhaust pipe valve; 10-intake water
Box elbow; 11-intake pipe; 12-overflow pipe; 13-exhaust pipe; 14-vacuum regulating valve

(3) The water in the inner ring of the liquid ring vacuum pump is supplied by the water tank through the return pipe, and the water volume is regulated by the valve.

(4) The liquid ring vacuum pump produces a lot of heat in the working process, and the water becomes hot after several cycles. Therefore, cold water is continuously supplied along the tube at the bottom of the separator to supplement the hot water discharged and play a cooling role.

liquid ring vacuum pump system configuration type :

1. When the working fluid at the outlet is not reused or only partially reused, an open circulation system of liquid ring vacuum pump is adopted.

2. Closed circulation system of liquid ring vacuum pump should be adopted when the working fluid at the outlet must be recycled and not be discharged.

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