dry screw vacuum pump operation steps

With the wide application of dry screw vacuum pump in different fields, it has achieved good response and customer recognition. However, it is found that there are many irregularities in the specific use of the operators, which has caused indirect adverse effects on the screw vacuum pump and the dry screw vacuum pump with roots pump, and even left a potential safety hazard.

Now the operation sequence and precautions of screw vacuum pump are specially arranged to provide convenience for customers who are using and preparing to use the  dry screw vacuum pump.

dry screw vacuum pump operation method:

Inspection and preparation of German screw vacuum pump before startup

1. Check whether all parts of vacuum pump are complete;

2. Check the oil level at different oil level sight glasses, and confirm that the oil level is about 3mm above the center line of the oil level sight glasses;

3. Check and confirm the status of each valve of the vacuum unit;

(1) Process inlet valve closed

(2) Inlet filter drain valve closed

(3) The outlet pipeline is unblocked, and the drain valve of the outlet pipeline is opened

(4) Cooling water inlet and outlet line valves open

(5) The nitrogen line valve is opened, the purge gas pressure is 0.5bar, the nitrogen seal gas pressure is 3bar, and the purge valve is closed

dry screw vacuum pump start up operation steps:

1. Contact the central control personnel on site to confirm that it can be started. Start the vacuum pump through the on-site operation column start button;

2. Close the drain valve of the outlet pipe;

3. Check or adjust the flow of nitrogen seal gas, and confirm that the flow is 2.5-3l / min;

4. Open the purge valve, confirm that the flowmeter flow is adjusted to the maximum, and close the purge valve 5-10 minutes after purging;

5. Open the process inlet valve and cut in the system;

6. During the operation of the vacuum pump, pay attention to observe the temperature of the body. The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the water volume through the temperature regulating valve (the water volume is the largest when the temperature regulating valve is at 0 scale, and the water volume is the smallest when it is at 5 scale). The temperature shall be controlled at 50-75 as far as possible to ensure that it does not exceed 80.


dry screw vacuum pump stop operation steps:

1. Close the process inlet valve and cut out the system;

2. Open the purge valve, and close the purge valve 20-40 minutes later;

3. Stop the machine through the stop button of the field operation column;

4. Close the nitrogen valve;

5. Close the cooling water valve; if it is not used for a long time in winter, drain the cooling water in the body and pipeline to prevent freezing;

6. Open the drain valve of the outlet pipe and the drain valve of the inlet filter to check whether there is condensate.

Each process is very important, please customers can strictly follow the instructions to operate, in order to achieve the best use!


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