Vacuum pump curve

The stator curve of the vacuum pump has a direct impact on its pumping rate and other performance parameters. Therefore, it is very important to obtain an excellent stator curve for the vacuum pump planning. Regarding the stator curve of vacuum pump, there are the following requirements:

1. Suitable two distance

Because the blade is designed as one, the rigidity is strengthened, and the elasticity at one end must form the corresponding elasticity at the other end. So, no matter the rotor goes to a beep angle. It is necessary to ensure that the curve is in contact with both ends of the rotary vane. Adhere to a reasonable gap. To prevent the emergence of void phenomenon, resulting in increased berthing.

2. Dlade without impact vibration, excellent noise

Smooth stator curve can not have too much acceleration, too much acceleration will lead to one end of the rotor blade on the stator curve surface of the dish pressure increases, will increase wear and voice. But assuming that the radial velocity at a point on the stator curve is 4) changing, the radial acceleration at that point is assumed. Theoretically, it equals infinity. If a is infinite. The leaves will suddenly break away from this point, which will cause great impact. A loud voice and severe grinding. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, we request the stator curve to be smooth and continuous.

SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

3. Make the rotary force outstanding

The angle between the vector diameter of a stator curve and the normal line of the curve is the pressure angle of the stator curve. With the increase of pressure angle, the force acting on the stator against the rotating blade and the angle between the direction of the rotating blade are increased, the transverse force acting on the rotating blade is increased, the resistance between the rotating blade and the rotor is increased, and the force acting on the blade is deteriorated, which affects the service life and the overall power of the pump.

4.There is a larger pumping rate

Vacuum pump does not increase the pump body standard, as far as possible increase the volume area of the rotary vane pump unit, in order to obtain a higher pumping speed string.

The new stator curve should have the speed and acceleration characteristics of the existing curve as well as the increase of the pumping rate. At present, the stator curve of vacuum pump is dominated by a positive circular curve. The main consideration is that the positive return curve has excellent speed and acceleration characteristics, reducing the voice and impact in the process of vacuum pump operation.


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