Roots blower for production line drying

The following is the introduction of Roots blower used for drying production line:

For the maintenance and maintenance of blowers, the price of a Roots blower is not low. Therefore, it is expected by every customer to ensure the safe operation and long service life of the blower. Secondly, to avoid the occurrence of these things, in addition to paying attention to the general maintenance procedures, the following points should also be paid attention to:

Roots blower for production line drying
1. Daily maintenance is very important, small faults must be repaired before putting into use.
2. Whether there is oil leakage inside the blower body.
3. There should be no scaling, rusting and spalling inside the blower body.
4. Pay attention to whether the cooling condition of lubricating oil is normal, pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil, often listen to the noise of blower operation, and pay attention to whether the unit works under the condition not conforming to the regulations.

Roots blower impeller of static efficiency

Static efficiency of Roots blower impeller: the static air power rate of the fan divided by the impeller power. Roots blower for gas, blower for gas, blower for gas, roots blower for gas, three leaf roots blower for gas, three leaf roots blower for gas, etc. The motor works at a constant torque at basic speed. Enough transport space. To avoid vibration, please install it in a place without vibration. Remove the horizontal oil plugs on both sides of the gear cover and check whether the quality of the lubricating oil is qualified. The oil level should be close to the lower edge of the oil plug thread.

If there is no normal phenomenon, the machine stops checking. Serious damage to Russell blower. In the normal operation of the fan, it is strictly forbidden to close the inlet and outlet to make it fully listen to the sound of the valve, and overload operation is strictly prohibited. There is a certain gap between the rotor and the inner wall of the pump shell, which can realize high-speed operation. The flow deviation on the circumference of the working wheel outlet is not uniform, resulting in pressure pulsation, which changes with time. The assembly consists of two separate lip seals immersed in oil and located in the drive end cap.

Roots blower most basic way to reduce the noise

Mechanical professional engaged in the R & D and production of Roots blower. If the lubricating oil is not deteriorated, the oil change can be extended to 2-4 months. For bearing failure, damage and rust inspection, sliding bearing should also check the bearing bush scratch, good contact with the shaft, check whether the roots blower shaft is smooth, whether there are bending, scratches, scratches, wear, etc. Excessive or insufficient lubricating oil – the solution is to adjust the oil quantity. Therefore, the most basic way to reduce the noise of Roots blower is to improve the aerodynamic design, the optimal selection of fan, the improvement of appropriate device and operation method.

The programmable controller adopts roots blower, which greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system. The blockage of filter device will lead to insufficient air flow and even excessive current, which will affect the normal use of the equipment. The inlet filter is blocked, the outlet pipe is blocked or blocked, and the rotating parts collide and rub (jam). In the case of vacuum pump, check whether there is local air leakage at the connection between the steam extraction pipe and the cylinder. When the load decreases, the air leakage decreases, and the vacuum degree increases slightly after the load increases.

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