Oil-free dry screw vacuum pump solves environmental problems

Why do oil-free dry screw vacuum pumps solve environmental problems? To put it simply, oil-free dry screw vacuum pumps are compared with oil-seal vacuum pumps. The extracted gas will not be mixed with oil and gas, and a clean vacuum environment can be obtained. In addition, if the extracted gas is corrosive to the oil, or contains a large amount of water and other substances that can destroy the oil, you cannot use an oil vacuum pump. Because there is oil, the oil in the vacuum pump is generally used for lubrication and sealing. If the oil is corroded or emulsified, the oil vacuum pump cannot operate normally.

Oil-free dry screw vacuum pump solves environmental problems

Oil-free dry screw vacuum pumps are one of the indispensable equipment in the field of vacuum equipment. Electricity, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, food and other fields closely related to people’s lives have different market requirements for vacuum pump equipment. Under demand, China’s vacuum pump companies have been constantly adjusting their industrial structure, so that while meeting the needs of various fields, they can also make greater technological upgrades to the entire vacuum pump equipment.

By analyzing the development status of domestic vacuum pumps in recent years, it is gradually discovered that there is no large-scale pump industry group that can represent the entire vacuum pump industry market in China. Not only that, at the same time that the domestic vacuum pump market demand is expanding, advanced foreign companies have built factories in China, and relying on their strong technical strength, they have shared this “a piece of the soup” with domestic vacuum pump companies. The improvement of competitiveness makes domestic vacuum pump companies pay more attention to the technological improvement of their own brands of vacuum pump equipment. For a long time, my country’s vacuum pump companies have produced vacuum pump equipment in large quantities in order to meet the different needs of various industries to a greater extent. However, in this development process, the most easily overlooked is the improvement of equipment quality and technology, while foreign vacuum equipment The quality is generally excellent, and the demand for high-end is easily met. This is precisely the advantage that my country’s vacuum pump companies lack most.

In fact, what domestic vacuum pump companies must do is not only to shift their development focus to the improvement of equipment quality. With the continuous development of the domestic environmental protection industry, the development of various fields is now beginning to develop in the direction of environmental protection, and the vacuum pump industry should also be more Pay attention to the research and development of environmental protection equipment in order to better adapt to the common needs of modern society.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is a new type of product that emerged in the 1980s. It quickly won the pursuit of many industries with its absolute advantages of safety, economy and energy saving. However, due to the suppression of environmental protection policies in recent years, the liquid ring vacuum pump has been operating due to China has serious sewage discharge, and is facing the difficult situation of being banned. The oil-free dry screw vacuum pump inherits the advantages of the liquid ring vacuum pump and has the characteristics of not polluting the environment. For this reason, people in the industry believe that in today’s society where environmental protection is important, oil-free dry screw vacuum pumps Vacuum pumps may therefore completely replace liquid ring vacuum pumps and lead the rapid development of the entire vacuum pump industry.

As we all know, environmental protection has been the constant theme of China’s current social development. In particular, domestic manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment must focus on the research and development and promotion of environmental protection equipment. Any equipment with the theme of environmental protection will inevitably develop its path. More broad. Today, when environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, the oil-free dry screw vacuum pump produced by EVP Energy Saving Technology can be clean, clean and environmentally friendly, with high vacuum, equipped with a silencer, and a shock absorber to reduce noise and ensure the maintenance of production equipment. Long-term temperature operation.

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