Vacuum pump replacement

Vacuum pump replacement

Rapid product replacement for critical applications

Minimize downtime and maximize convenience

EVP is the solution when the uptime of the process is critical and maintenance cannot be completed on site or when a more convenient maintenance solution is needed.

Quick vacuum pump replacement

We provide quick vacuum pump replacement service and extensive warranty for your faulty pumps.

Each pump is professionally prepared and can be installed in your factory, allowing you to swap one pump for another one at a time. Once the exchange pump is installed, you have a few days to return the original pump to us.

All kinds of pump standby

We maintain a comprehensive service exchange inventory. Each pump is tested and ready for immediate installation.

Brake vacuum pump replacement service

What is brake vacuum pump?

Brake booster is a kind of device which is helpful to enhance the effect of automotive hydraulic braking system, as a supplement to the main braking mechanism. Every time the brake pedal is pressed, the force is transferred to the lever. The rod passes through the brake booster and reaches the main cylinder. The pressure from the rod activates the main cylinder piston and works on the hydraulic brake system.

The brake booster chamber contains the vacuum generated by the engine. The chamber has two sections vertically separated by a rubber diaphragm. When the brake pedal pushes the lever, a small amount of air enters the chamber on the side of the brake pedal through the valve, which also seals the vacuum. Air pressure on the diaphragm helps to increase the braking force.

However, if the car is turbocharged or diesel-fuelled, the engine does not create the necessary vacuum. Therefore, they needed an additional brake booster vacuum pump to extract air and create the vacuum needed for the brake booster to operate. Vehicles that normally operate at high altitudes also need a brake booster vacuum pump.

Brake booster vacuum pump reduces engine vacuum dependence and can work independently. The device works with an electrical control circuit. It is activated by signals from the brake booster vacuum sensor, which monitors the vacuum level in the brake booster.


The brake booster vacuum pump should be able to maintain up to 18 “vacuum for the brake booster to be effective.
If you notice that the pedal has slid to the floor of the car and you hear a hiss, this may indicate a leak in the air line or pump to the brake booster vacuum pump.

How it’s done:

The battery is disconnected. Locate and identify the fault brake booster vacuum pump. Lift and support the vehicle on the jack bracket as needed. The shielded engine was removed to allow entry.

Disconnect brake booster vacuum pump hose from electrical connector. Brake booster vacuum pump is removed from mounting bracket.

The new brake booster vacuum pump is installed on the mounting bracket. Hoses and electrical connectors are installed on the new brake booster vacuum pump. Reconnect the battery.

Conduct proper brake booster vacuum pump operation test on the brake. Reinstall the hood. Remove the vehicle from the jack bracket.

Road test the vehicle and check the vacuum pump and brake of brake booster are normal.

Our Suggestions:

If you find that the brake is not responding, please make an appointment with our professional mechanic and conduct a thorough inspection of the brake booster system. The mechanic will check if the brake booster vacuum pump is damaged and inform you if it needs to be replaced. Refer to the user’s manual for advice on the frequency at which the brake booster vacuum pump must be replaced.

Common symptoms indicate that you may need to replace the brake vacuum pump?
Delayed braking response
Excessive pressure is required to make the brake respond
The brake pedal hisses when it is pressed
When the engine is running and the car is stationary, the brake pedal slides to the floor of the car
Braking becomes particularly difficult in heavy traffic areas when rapid and continuous braking is required
How important is this service?
A faulty brake booster vacuum pump does not create enough vacuum for the brake booster or power brake to function. This will damage your braking effect and may pose a safety hazard.

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