Coating systems for PV production

At present, the most widely used distributed photovoltaic power generation system is a photovoltaic power generation project built on the roof of urban buildings, large workshops, warehouse roofs, etc. The operation life cycle of photovoltaic power generation system is more than 25 years, so strict requirements are put forward for the photovoltaic roof.

The focus is on the four intelligent coatings that will bring great value to the photovoltaic field: self-cleaning, self-healing, electrochromic and thermochromic coating systems.

We use the coating system of photovoltaic production, the vacuum pump used:

Do you know dry scroll pump?

The noise of dry scroll pump is only one twentieth of that of other pumps. Its intelligent control function and five-year service period bring low cost of ownership, making it the first choice of small dry vacuum pump applied in the most advanced technology.

Dry scroll pump haracteristics and advantages

Advanced scroll shape and end sealing technology can provide world-class vacuum performanceQuiet operation, noise only 52 dB (a), little impact on the environment
The control function adopts intelligent design, easy to use and simple to operate
Five years of service, diluted cost of ownership
The sealing structure is adopted to realize the vacuum environment without lubricant
The pump family includes 6, 10, 15 and 20 m3h-1

Dry scroll pump of performance

The design of dry-type scroll pump combines the latest and most advanced scroll technology and intelligent variable-frequency drive technology with the real dry sealing mechanism that has been used for a long time.
The leading pump of dry-type scroll pump, equipped with variable-frequency drive, can provide consistent performance all over the world. Similarly, the limiting vacuum pressure below 10-2 mbar is now comparable to the oil seal vane pump and can avoid all kinds of problems caused by the pump oil.
The sealing mechanism can ensure that the vacuum environment is not polluted by the lubricating oil in the bearing, on the contrary, the bearing is not polluted by any process gas pumped.

Quiet operation

Modern laboratories are usually busy places, with a lot of equipment running, all of which produce background noise. The noise of the pump is as low as 52 dB (a), which has little effect on the overall noise. This kind of noise level is less than one twentieth of the competitive products.

Coating systems for PV production

Coating systems for PV production

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