How to use the vacuum pump liquid to degas?

How to remove gas from solution by vacuum pump?

The solubility of a gas in a liquid depends on the pressure, and the lower the pressure, the lower the solubility. So by lowering the pressure you can take the gas out of the liquid.

Degassing the gas in the liquid by vacuum pump is feasible in theory, but difficult in practice, mainly due to low efficiency. Our agent is a degassing device can be very convenient and efficient for liquid degassing. It not only has a vacuum pump, but also a membrane device, this membrane only permeates gas, not liquid, when the liquid through the membrane hole, the gas is pulled away, leaving only liquid. Degassing efficiency can be less than 4PPM, or less than 4mg of gas per liter of liquid.

How to use the vacuum pump liquid to degas?

Liquid ring vacuum pump for liquid degassing

The purpose of the liquid ring vacuum pump is to take the air out of the tank so that the tank is in a vacuum and the natural dirt is sucked into the tank. Empty the air in the tank, so that the tank into a vacuum state, and then through the pipe to pump external sewage into the tank. Also through the pressure on the tank to tank of sewage discharge.
Suction car vacuum pump is widely used in digester sewage, toilet out, fish pond pumping mud, chicken factory pig factory manure, hotel cleaning rice residue and domestic wastewater, factory sewage, and urban sewage
The pump is the core part of the vacuum suction truck. It will seal the air in the tank to a certain vacuum, the tank formed a negative pressure, the ground below or above the manure liquid, sewage, oil and other fluids automatically into the tank, in order to harvest and transport.
The pump can be installed freely: it can be installed on tricycles, tractors and bicycles, and can also be used together with the motor.

Liquid ring vacuum pump as a new generation of energy-saving products, its excellent performance and many advantages will completely replace SK, 2SK series 2.35kw liquid ring vacuum pump and W, WY, WL series reciprocating vacuum pump with the same performance.

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