Rotary vane vacuum pump drying in tea leaves

The practical application of rotary vacuum pump in tea drying

From manual tea making to machine tea making, from firewood heating to steam heating to steam cleaning, and then to our spiral vacuum pump show their skills, science and technology with different industries across The Times progress. China’s existing tea processing technology content is low, product quality is not high, product added value is relatively low, resulting in the lack of market competitiveness of products, directly affect the sustainable development of the industry. Drying is an important process in the process of tea processing. The use of conventional electric heating and coal boiler equipment to dry agricultural products requires large investment and a large amount of energy, so that the cost of agricultural products increases and environmental pollution of different degrees is caused. Instead, the practical application of rotary vacuum pump in tea drying can save conventional energy, avoid environmental pollution, improve product quality and change backward production and processing methods.

Rotary vane vacuum pump drying in tea leaves

When coal was used, it took about 12 hours to process the fresh leaves, dry them and pack them. The whole process was uninterrupted to ensure the quality of the tea. From the afternoon fresh leaf back, they often have to work until the early morning before processing to advance the coal, ignition, preheating. Now we have the German rotary vacuum pump, which places the tea in the designed drying room. The vacuum pump is connected with the drying room. After heating, the set heat source is continuously transmitted to the drying room with the help of the fan, so as to continuously evaporate the water in the tea. After closing the door, not only can be effective insulation, but also can isolate the outside pollution, to ensure that the finished tea is clean enough.

What are the several stages of the professional tea drying process?

In the professional tea drying process, pay attention to “three-stage baking”. That is, the whole process is subdivided into three stages according to the change of tea, which are yellow, yellow and dry gluten respectively. The temperature required in different stages is completely different, so to bake high-quality tea leaves, it is necessary to accurately control the temperature and humidity changes in the drying process. The rotary vacuum pump, due to its high degree of automation, simplifies the complicated operation, ensures that the dried tea leaves have uniform color and adequate oil content, and finally bakes the tea leaves thoroughly, browns and perfumes, achieving the unity of internal quality and appearance quality.

What are the several stages of the professional tea drying process

What is drying? It got its name from the way it was dried. The drying methods are traditional charcoal baking and modern machine baking. Infrared ray drying is to use infrared ray to illuminate tea, let tea absorb infrared ray, friction between internal molecules, collision so that the inside and outside of tea evenly heated to achieve the purpose of drying tea. Vacuum drying technology has been widely used in the production of health food, especially the extraction drying of natural products. Vacuum drying technology also known as vacuum drying. It is a method of drying by pumping air out of an airtight container and reducing pressure.

In recent years, with the increasing demand for agricultural and sideline products in China, rotary vacuum pump is playing an increasingly important role in the industry. Practical application of rotary vacuum pump in tea drying this scheme can save money, save energy and have high efficiency, good drying quality, and save energy and reduce emission. We are committed to continuous product research and development upgrade, so that more processing enterprises to achieve processing automation, intelligent, clean. Professional tea drying equipment, will be selected rotary vacuum pump.

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