Vacuum Pump for EPS Foam Machine

The use of high-quality accessories intermittent pre bubble machine to ensure the quality and reliability of the equipment EPS fully automatic foam molding machine. It is easy and convenient to operate with the executable button and manual operation mode, which reduces the technical requirements for operators. It can be used for foam packaging in shoes, pins, refrigerators, televisions, etc., and can also be used for the production of vegetables, fruits and seafood incubators.

EPS automatic foaming machine performance characteristics

The machine adopts PLC full computer touch screen control to realize the whole process of automatic circulation operation of feeding, steam supply, temperature control, foaming and discharging, quantitative compression feeding, accurate and rapid.

The machine adopts fully enclosed stainless steel barrel for constant pressure foaming, with high thermal efficiency, steam saving, shortening the aging process and high foaming rate.

The machine adopts famous brand high-quality pneumatic components, reliable quality, convenient operation, accurate control of temperature, uniform foaming beads and density.

This machine can be equipped with vulcanization drying bed to complete the continuous operation of drying, screening, crushing and conveying foam.

Foam production line configuration:

Continuous preconditioner – fluidized drying bed – foam box molding machine – auxiliary equipment (steam boiler, air pump, cooling tower, mould, pipe)

Vacuum system of molding machine:

A joint venture factory is used to produce vacuum pumps and large vacuum tanks and condensers. The vacuum foam automatic forming machine is increased, the molding speed is fast, the feeding time is short, the cooling time is reduced, and the water content of the products is reduced.

The following is an introduction to the problems encountered in the use of liquid ring vacuum pump:

Why does liquid ring vacuum pump reduce air volume in high vacuum area?

The application of liquid ring vacuum pump is always limited, because when the vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump exceeds – 0.09mpa, its pumping speed

will be greatly reduced, resulting in low efficiency of liquid ring vacuum pump.

The reasons are as follows:

1、 With the increase of vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump, cavitation will appear.

2、 Due to the accuracy problem in the manufacturing process of liquid ring vacuum pump, there will be a large amount of residual gas.
terms of settlement:

(1) the solution to the cavitation problem of liquid ring vacuum pump under high vacuum condition is to improve the liquid ring vacuum environment and circulating water temperature as well as external conditions such as gas temperature and so on, which can reduce the cavitation phenomenon of liquid ring vacuum pump.

(2) In view of the manufacturing accuracy of liquid ring vacuum pump, this problem is mainly the understanding and improvement of the design capacity and manufacturing accuracy of the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer, which is also a test of the production capacity of the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer.
Vacuum pump factory Co., Ltd. with professional, dedicated, lean to the accuracy of liquid ring vacuum pump efficiency; sincere, heart to create higher value for customers.

The reason why the resistance of liquid ring vacuum pump is high

Recently, some customers reported that the resistance of the liquid ring vacuum pump increased after a period of time. It was found through investigation.
When many customers install the liquid ring vacuum pump, the selection of suction pipe is too small, and there are too many elbows. Because most of the gas inhaled by the liquid ring vacuum pump contains part of solvent and dust, it is easy to cause blockage at the corner of the vacuum pump pipe. Thus, the resistance of liquid ring vacuum pump is large.

Experts of Vacuum Pump Factory Co., Ltd. suggest: when installing the liquid ring vacuum pump, the suction pipe should be larger than the suction port diameter of the liquid ring vacuum pump, and the pipe is not allowed to have U-shaped connection.

Vacuum Pump for EPS Foam Machine

Vacuum Pump for EPS Foam Machine

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