Rotary vane pump supplier

High quality rotary vane vacuum pump supplier

The first is the gas produced in the process of the vacuum system. A high quality rotary vane vacuum pump includes gases emitted by materials during the process and gases introduced for the process, as well as gases vaporized by liquids or solids in the vacuum system. Different processes and different materials are processed, and the calculation of the amount of gas in this part is different.
Second, the original existence of atmospheric gases in a vacuum system. In the vacuum system, the vacuum vessel chamber and vacuum pipe path contain a certain amount of atmospheric gas components originally. In the early stage of pumping, they are the main gas loads for the vacuum system to pump, and they are also removed earlier by the system.
Third, the leakage gas in the vacuum system. The leakage gas includes air leakage into the vacuum system through vacuum sealed joints and various leakage channels. For a deterministic vacuum system, the amount of gas leaking is a constant. Different vacuum system applications and different ultimate pressures have strict limits on the amount of gas leakage.

The performance of rotary vane vacuum pump is better, uniform pumping, low noise, less power consumption. However, after long time use, due to the wear of the rotary blade, the sealing performance will decline, so that the amount of air and vacuum will be greatly reduced.

Rotary vane pump supplier

What causes the wear of the rotary blade?

1, the vacuum pump into dirty or hard solid particles, a long time with the rotary disc friction collision, resulting in the damage of the rotary disc;
2, rotary vane vacuum pump in addition to the above reasons, the normal wear of the rotary vane is also a very important reason, when the vacuum pump oil emulsification will increase the wear of the rotary vane.

How to repair the wear of the rotary and improve the vacuum degree?

1, after the rotation of the larger wear, if the processing capacity permits, with the general can be replaced, because the new rotation than grinding pump cavity face more convenient;
2, if the spiral wear calendar harm, so it is measured by the small size of the spiral correction first spiral. The fine file can be used to wrap the yarn paper and push it flat, measure the size and square while grinding, until you can’t see the bright gap. If the rotary blade wear too much, first on the grinder, and then according to the selected gap value to scrape, grinding rotor and pump chamber at both ends, to ensure that the three with the gap.

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Production capacity: core parts of the rotor of screw vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump are processed by five-axis composite machining center and CNC machining center; Important parts such as pump body and side cover are processed by digital numerical control machining center, with high precision and strong interchangeability. General parts companies take advantage of the Yangtze river delta region’s strong machining capacity, the use of fixed-point packaging processing.

Service capacity: the company sales and service personnel are engaged in the vacuum pump production and sales more than 20 years of sales engineer, for medicine, chemical, metallurgy, electronic technology such as knowledgeable, the company’s sales and service team strive to provide customers with the best vacuum solutions, selecting cost-effective, suitable and reliable vacuum equipment, as customers sincere partner. The same process requires different configurations for unexpected results.

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