Liquid ring vacuum pump operating procedures

Liquid ring vacuum pump of operation steps

1. Preparation

1) before starting, the vacuum pump coupling should be turned by hand for several weeks to ensure that there is no stuck or other damage in the vacuum pump.
2) root lift the arrow direction on the vacuum pump to confirm the steering of the motor.
3) check whether the cooling water is at two thirds of the water level. If the water level is lower than that, first open the water refills valve to refills.

2. Start operation

1) close the gate valve on the suction line; Open the vent valve of the vacuum pump.
2) open the water supply valve and inject suitable working fluid into the vacuum pump.
3) start the motor.
4) when the vacuum pump reaches the ultimate pressure, slowly open the gate valve on the suction pipe and the vacuum pump begins to work normally.
5) adjust the water supply valve to ensure that the overflow pipe is well connected with the liquid box. Adjust the inlet valve according to the reading of the vacuum gauge to make the vacuum degree of the pumped system meet the production requirements.

3. Stop the vacuum pump

1) close the valve on the suction line;
2) close the water inlet valve and supply water to the vacuum pump.
3) turn off the motor.
4) if the stop time is longer than one day, the water in the vacuum pump and gas-water separator must be emptied to prevent corrosion.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of matters needing attention

(1) pay attention to the regulation of water supply valve and cycle water valve, so that the cycle water to keep appropriate, prohibit in the case of no working fluid operation, long-term transfer pump to empty the vacuum pump working fluid.
(2) long time running under high load should be avoided.
(3) check whether the reading of ammeter and voltmeter is normal.
(4) the temperature rise of the bearing shall not be higher than 35℃, and the temperature shall not be higher than 65℃.
(5) all connection parts shall be neat and without leakage.
(6) the working fluid shall not contain solid particles.
(7) to ensure the normal vacuum, the inlet water temperature should be less than 30℃, and 15℃ is the most appropriate.

Liquid ring vacuum pump common fault treatment

1) starting difficulty, motor tripping or overcurrent.
Reason: the liquid level in the vacuum pump is too high; Internal parts rust; Eliminate increased pressure; Improper adjustment of current protection.
Solution: start at specified liquid level, flush with water supply, check exhaust pipe and valve, adjust protection circuit.

2) stuck during the test run or operation
Reason: the new pipeline has welding slag iron filings and other foreign bodies into the vacuum pump body; Serious scaling.
Solution: loosen the end cover, turn the impeller and rinse with water; Remove clear or pickling.

3) inspiratory volume decreased significantly
Reasons: insufficient liquid supply or excessive liquid temperature; System leakage; Internal scaling, etc
Solution: adjust working fluid volume, check whether the liquid supply pipeline is blocked; Check the tightness of pipeline connections; Remove scale.

Liquid ring vacuum pump operating procedures

Liquid ring vacuum pump operating procedures

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