Oil purification pump

The invention relates to a new production method of mineral oil purification device

The utility model relates to the technical field of mineral oil purification, in particular to a new mineral oil purification device. Background technology:

As a by-product of crude oil refining and processing, mineral oil is widely used in chemical industry, medical treatment, nursing and other fields. In the process of using mineral oil, if the mineral oil contains too many harmful impurities and is not of high purity, it will cause additional loss of mechanical elements and cause irreversible damage to the human body. But the traditional mineral oil purification device is bulky, inconvenient to use, not good purification effect and high cost. Therefore, it is imperative to develop a new kind of mineral oil purification device.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the above problems, the utility model provides a new type of mineral oil purification device.

The utility model solve the problem of its technology adopted by the technical scheme is: it is made into the tubing, oil control valve, control panel, distillation pool, partial pressure valve, steam trap, condenser, flowline, oxidant entrances, drug control valves, heat supply network, liquefier, gas-liquid separation membrane, pipeline, metal shell and the heating rods. The control panel is located on the left side of the distillation tank, and the partial pressure valve is located on the right side of the control panel. The outlet pipe is located on the upper right side of the distillation tank, the steam collector is on the left side of the outlet pipe, and the condenser is on the right side of the outlet pipe. The oxidant inlet is located at the bottom right of the distillation tank and the reagent control valve is located at the right of the oxidant inlet. The heating network is located at the bottom of the distillation tank, the liquefier is on the left side of the heating network, and the gas-liquid separation film is on the left side of the liquefier and connected to the pipeline. The oil inlet is located on the left side of the oil pipeline, and the oil flow control valve is located on the right side of the oil inlet and connected to the oil pipeline. The heating rods are located between the oil pipelines. The metal casing covers the entire pipeline.

The beneficial effect of the utility model is that compared with the traditional mineral oil purification device, the utility model has the advantages of high purification rate, low cost, high economic benefit, long service life, etc., and is more practical and effective.

Suitable for oil purification pump.

Oil purification pump
Pump in oil purification industry of advantages:

1. No matter how high the vacuum degree of pump inlet pressure is, even the absolute vacuum will continuously pump out the lubricating oil, and the pressure and flow rate are very stable.

2. The pump inlet is designed in an expanded way, which can better reduce the inlet resistance and lower it.

3. The shaft sleeve inside the pump has a circulating lubrication system and an internal safety valve to prevent the lubrication liquid from being sucked into the inlet due to the high vacuum at the inlet.

4. The pump is equipped with jacket, which can keep heat and control the viscosity of materials.

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