Portable vacuum pump

Portable vacuum pump is a kind of rotary vane vacuum pump. A basic device used to extract gas from a sealed container to obtain a vacuum. The small vacuum pump can be used for air conditioning, refrigeration equipment repair, suction device of medical instruments, printing machinery, vacuum packaging, vacuum plastic suction, physical and chemical experiments and small devices requiring vacuum environment. It can also be used as a small oil booster pump, oil diffusion pump, molecular pump, etc.

The portable vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping out the gas containing particle dust, corrosive to ferrous metal, chemical reaction to pump oil, and toxic gas with high oxygen content and explosive. It can not be used as a transfer pump (i.e. pumping from one container to another).

Portable vacuum pump operating instructions:

1. Check the oil level, and fill the oil to the center of the oil mark when the pump is stopped. Too low can not seal the exhaust valve and affect the vacuum pump degree. If it is too high, the pump oil will splash outward along with the exhaust port, and the oil level will rise during operation, which is a normal phenomenon. The oil shall be clean vacuum pump oil of specified brand, and the oil shall be filtered to avoid sundries entering and blocking the oil hole.

2. Check the limit vacuum pressure of the vacuum pump. The limit vacuum pressure we marked is the root limit partial pressure, which shall be subject to the compression type mercury vacuum gauge (specified in the national standard). Other vacuum meters measure the sum of partial pressure of gas and steam, so the ratio can only be used as a reference.

3. The vacuum pump is a single-phase power supply. When the power supply is connected, the pump can work, but it is not suitable for a long time of large exhaust. After exhausting, put air into the pump to keep all parts in balance.

Portable vacuum pump

Portable vacuum pump maintenance:

1. Keep the pump clean normally to prevent sundries from entering the pump. After the pump has been used for a long time, the pump oil becomes dirty. The pump oil must be replaced. When replacing, unscrew the oil proof screw. After the dirty oil is drained, tighten the oil drain screw, and add the clean vacuum pump oil to the middle line of the oil standard.

2. When the vacuum pump is not working (parked), the air inlet shall be blocked to prevent sundries and dust from entering the pump.

3. After the vacuum pump works for a period of time, check whether the pump oil is still at the midpoint of the oil level. If it is insufficient, add oil. If the pump oil is found to be decomposed or there are sundries, change the oil.

4. During the operation of the vacuum pump, if the vacuum degree is found to be abnormal, it shall be disassembled and repaired. But it needs to be conducted under the guidance of experienced personnel.

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