Turbo molecular system

Turbo molecular system product details

A compact, easy to use integrated dry vacuum system, equipped with a new turbomolecular pump with higher vacuum performance, and dry 10 L/min diaphragm pump as the front stage pump. Can work anywhere without maintenance. Active vacuum gauge function, high pressure display, PC connection. Universal voltage (90V/240V), CE/CSA certified.

The turbine molecular high vacuum pump is integrated into many analytical instrument applications, including electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), focused ion beam system (FIB), and surface analysis. Modern focused beam systems such as SEM, TEM, and FIB use chromatographic columns that project electrons or ions onto microscopic samples for detailed analysis. End-users analyze all types of materials, from organic compounds to semiconductor chips. Especially in the semiconductor industry, they need higher sensitivity to achieve better sample resolution. Another key requirement is high sample throughput to reduce the cost of ownership of these instruments.

Turbo molecular system
The compact turbo-molecular pump system of characteristics:

Quick vacuuming, compact, dry and durable system

A new generation of turbo pumps, as well as the dry vortex front stage pump idp-3

Worldwide voltage (90-240v), CE/CSA certified

Excellent ultimate vacuum, as low as 10-9mbar

Wide range vacuum gauge drive capability

Large screen pressure data display

Rs-232 or analog communication, pressure-driven set point, analog set point

Optional wheels

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