oil free vacuum pump in Maple pulp production industry

The application of oil-free vacuum pump in maple syrup production industry has completely changed the way of maple syrup directly extracted from trees and significantly improved the efficiency of maple syrup production process.

Until the 1970s, the method of extraction was usually to insert a metal cannula plug into a hole in a maple tree; the sap would then drip from the trunk and be collected into a barrel. Organic Maple Syrup producers are not satisfied with the traditional tree sap collection method, so they decide to change the whole process. At first, a very simple vacuum system was used, but its efficiency was not high. Therefore, it has been improved by replacing the intubation with plastic hose and intubation plug, and invented its own patent collector (tree sap releaser). With the help of these inventions, a network of pipes and vacuums was created to extract sap from trees instead of being collected into barrels.

The system has two advantages. First of all, maple sap can be collected more quickly without needing to change barrels several times a day. Secondly, the intubation used in this device is much smaller than the traditional metal intubation, so the maple can recover and regenerate faster. The maple Research Center tested the impact of using vacuum technology on trees and studied the quality of syrup. The results showed that neither the health of trees nor the quality of syrup were affected.

This system is used for the vacuum pump of its solution (oil free claw vacuum pump). This vacuum pump has achieved good results, because it does not need any water or oil as operating fluid, so it can provide efficient, clean and dry vacuum. More importantly, it is almost maintenance free.

Oil free vacuum pump is a kind of variable volume dry vacuum pump with claw rotor. Generally, multi-stage rotor in series or roots rotor in series with multi-stage rotor form a multi-stage dry claw vacuum pump.


Through long-term practice, vacuum pump has many advantages:

Energy saving – Taking claw pump as an example to replace steam jet pump, the effective energy saving is over 95%;

Environmental protection – no medium dry vacuum pump, no pollution and no discharge to the pumped medium and container;

Emission reduction – can effectively reduce sewage discharge, but also reduce the cost of enterprises;

Efficiency: provide a high and stable clean vacuum environment, effectively improve product quality and yield, improve production efficiency, and provide a material basis for enterprises to create more value;

High recovery – the solvent can be recovered twice, further improving the recovery rate;

Maintenance free – the oil-free vacuum pump with maintenance free design has reduced the operation cost for the enterprise in terms of operation cost and maintenance cost.

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