vacuum pump for animal feed production

Feed production line is the most commonly used production equipment in feed industry. With the coming of mechanization era, in order to improve the production level of feed production line equipment, to meet the needs of social development, the equipment adopts the vacuum principle to improve the production efficiency of the equipment. The vacuum principle is naturally inseparable from the vacuum pump. Let’s take a look at the vacuum equipment. What can we learn?

Animal feed production line

Feed production line is mainly a complete set of equipment for producing powdery feed, which is composed of pulverizer, mixer, lifting equipment, dust removal equipment, cleaning equipment and other equipment. It can customize 5-50 tons / hour output according to the user’s demand. This set of feed grinding production line is based on the needs of customers, which adds the functions of automatic ingredients and quantitative packaging on the basis of semi-automatic production line, so that it can save more labor and greatly improve the team output.

Portable vacuum pump

Two or more rotating blades must be installed in the stator and rotor slots of the rotary vane vacuum pump. The rotor and the pump shell are tangent or intersected. The rotor rotates the rotating blades and rotating blades by centrifugal force. Some of the elastic force is close to the cylinder wall. The air inlet and the air outlet are separated and inflated and inhaled periodically, and the container in the air inlet cavity is periodically reduced in exhaust volume and compressed gas Exhaust valve exhaust gas and oil pressure and vacuum reached.

The two stage vacuum pump is composed of two stages in series and one stage. When the inlet pressure is high, the large and medium-sized ordinary pump can exhaust at the same time. The change of the pump is to use the suction capacity to extract air, and its nominal pumping speed can be calculated according to the geometric volume of the suction capacity.

When the final absolute pressure required is very low, use a vacuum pump. These pumps can be continuously connected to a closed container for evacuation and can operate continuously at atmospheric pressure for a long time. The exhaust of these pumps is not filtered, so a special purifier can be used to discharge the flue gas.

These vacuum pumps work like lubrication pumps. However, in this case, the stator is immersed in the lubricating oil which also has the function of sealing air loss. This type of pump achieves a higher pressure level than any other rotary vane vacuum pump. These pumps are equipped with a gas ballast system to avoid condensation of water vapor.

Such pumps can be made up of a single rotor stator group, called a single stage; or they can be made up of two rotor stator groups connected in series, so the first group of outlets is connected to the second group of intake system. The latter is called two-stage.

The main application fields include: refrigeration and air conditioning system, laboratory application, freeze-drying, spectrometric determination and ultracentrifugation. Special rotary vane vacuum pump accessories can be used to connect various components of the system.

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