Semiconductor vacuum pump

It is easy to produce flammable, explosive and toxic substances in the process of semiconductor manufacturing, which will threaten the safety of production and personnel. Therefore, the dry screw vacuum pump manufacturer tells you several safety precautions for the application of semiconductor vacuum pump.

Semiconductor vacuum pump application safety

1、 Effectively dilute the concentration of harmful gas.

Semiconductor is easy to produce the flammable, explosive and toxic harmful gases mentioned above. Therefore, in the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, it is necessary to prevent some uncontrollable reactions in the vacuum pump or in the exhaust process. For example, SiH4, PH3, AsH3, B2H6 and other substances will cause combustion or even explosion when they are in contact with air or oxygen; when the mixing ratio of hydrogen in air reaches a certain degree and temperature, combustion will also occur. These all depend on the quantity of the substance and the relationship with the pressure and temperature of the environment. Therefore, when the semiconductor vacuum pump extracts these media, it needs to use inert gas such as nitrogen to dilute these gases to the safe range under the current conditions before compression.

2、 Filter and regularly clean vacuum pump and other accessories and pipes to avoid overpressure.

In the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, the components of the medium may be extremely complex after passing through the reaction chamber and vacuum pump during the process of medium extraction, such as SiH4 and O2 forming SiO2 at the pump port, TiCl4 hydrolysis will form HCl; in the case of oil sealed mechanical pump, these gas substances may also be biochemical reaction with the pump oil. If these changes form particles, condensable substances or corrosive media, they may block the vacuum pump or pipeline system, affect the performance of the vacuum pump, cause pressure rise or overpressure, and the risk mentioned in the first point is greater. Therefore, it is necessary to clean in time and set up filtering equipment when necessary.

3、 Avoid overheating.

It is easy to understand that there are many harmful gases in the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, and whether it is dry vacuum pump or oil sealed mechanical pump, the temperature in the pump cavity is too high, and the flammable, explosive and toxic gases are more likely to be dangerous under high temperature.

4、 Pay attention to the oxygen concentration.

If the concentration of oxygen in the air is too high, there will be a risk of combustion and explosion. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of oxygen, and use inert gas to dilute to prevent the concentration from being too high; if it is an oil seal mechanical pump, it may also need to use some inert and oxygen compatible vacuum pump oil, and timely replace the oil and oil filter.

The above four aspects are the most important safety issues in the application of semiconductor vacuum pump. Generally speaking, the safety details of oil sealed mechanical pump need to be paid attention to are more and the disposal is more complicated than that of dry vacuum pump.


Semiconductor vacuum pump

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