How to replace liquid ring vacuum pump packing

The seal of corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump is generally divided into mechanical seal and packing seal. Compared with mechanical seal liquid ring vacuum pump, packing seal liquid ring vacuum pump is easier to repair and replace, purchase cost and application environment.
After the corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump with packing seal has been used for 1-2 years (the specific aging is determined according to the service environment and service conditions), due to the wear of the packing parts during the continuous operation of the corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump, in addition to locking the packing gland during maintenance, the packing needs to be supplemented or replaced.

How to replace liquid ring vacuum pump packing

Therefore, it is obvious that the correct packaging of the equipment is very important. Many seal failures are caused by incorrect equipment.
The following is the correct and effective installation method of corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump:

(1) Clean the stuffing box cavity and check the shaft surface for scratches and burrs. Phenomenon, ensure that the stuffing box should be clean, shaft surface should be lubricated.

(2) check the radial runout of the shaft at the sealing position with a dial indicator, and the tolerance should be within the allowable range.

(3) The packing chamber and shaft surface shall be coated with smooth sealant.

(4) When packing a roll, you should take a wooden stick first. For the packing with the same diameter as the shaft, the packing should be wound on the shaft and cut off with a knife. The incision should be a 45 degree slope. Each section of package after cutting shall not be straightened and loose. Instead, each part of the package should be wrapped in a round shape with paper tape of the same width as the package and placed in a clean place for future use.

(5) when filling, it should be filled in circles instead of several circles at the same time. The method is to take a circle of packing, tear off the paper tape, apply the smoothing agent, and then hold one end of the packing joint with both hands, pull it apart along the axial direction to make it spiral, and then insert the axial diameter from the joint. Be careful not to pull it apart along the radial direction, so as to avoid uneven joint.

liquid ring vacuum pump

(6) Take a wooden half shaft sleeve with the same size as the packing chamber, install it on the shaft, push the packing into the depth of the cavity, and apply certain pressure on the wooden shaft sleeve with the gland to make the packing reach the top and fasten. The top shrinkage is about 5% ~ 10%, and the maximum shrinkage is 20%. Turn the shaft one more turn and take out the wooden sleeve.

(7) Fill the second circle and the third circle in the same way, but it should be noted that when filling the second circle, the joint position should be staggered by 180 degrees; when filling the third circle, the joint should be staggered by 120 degrees; when filling the fourth circle, the joint should be staggered by 90 degrees to prevent leakage through the joint.

(8) After the last ring of packing is completed, the gland should be used for compaction, but the pressing force should not be too large. At the same time, rotate the spindle by hand to disperse the pressure after assembly to the parabola, and then slightly loosen the cover to complete the filling.

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