Vacuum pump for alcohol concentration in the food industry

Vacuum concentrator is one of the main equipments in food factory. It USES vacuum evaporation or mechanical separation to achieve material concentration. Currently, in order to improve the quality of concentrated products, widely used in vacuum concentration, generally in 18 ~ 8 kpa low pressure condition, in indirect steam heating way, liquid heating for the material, make its boiling evaporation under low temperature, low temperature, this material and heating temperature of the steam and boiling liquid used increases, at the same heat transfer conditions, higher than atmospheric pressure when the evaporation rate of evaporation, can decrease the loss of liquid nutrition, and the evaporation using low pressure steam as heat source. Vacuum pump for alcohol concentration in food industry

Concentrator features:

(1) under the same preheating steam pressure, when vacuum evaporates, the boiling point of the solution is low, and the heat transfer temperature difference increases, which can correspondingly reduce the heat transfer area of the evaporator;

(2) can evaporate the heat resistant solution, especially suitable for food production in the heat sensitive material liquid evaporation;

(3) can use low pressure steam or waste steam as heating agent;

(4). Low operating temperature, less heat loss;

(5). The material liquid heating sterilization, is conducive to food preservation.

The concentrator is suitable for concentrating materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch, sugar, food and dairy products and recovering industrial organic solvents (such as alcohol). The device is composed of vertical tube heater, concentrator, condenser and pipeline valve, etc. The vacuum system can be equipped with hydraulic injector or vacuum pump with other equipment.

Concentration tank features:

(1) alcohol recovery: large recovery capacity, vacuum concentration process. Compared with the old similar equipment, it can improve the productivity by 5-10 times, reduce the energy consumption by 30%, and has the characteristics of small investment and high recovery efficiency.

(2) concentrate material: this equipment adopts external heating natural circulation and vacuum negative pressure evaporation, evaporation speed is fast, the concentration ratio can reach 1.3; Liquid material in the state of full seal without foam concentration, the concentrated liquid with this equipment, has no pollution, strong drug flavor characteristics, and easy to clean (open the upper and lower cover of heater can be cleaned). The equipment is simple to operate and occupies a small area. The heater and evaporator adopt the structure of stainless steel insulation. The outer insulation layer is made of stainless steel sheet. The surface is treated with mirror or sublight.

Screw vacuum pump for alcohol concentration in food industry:

Vacuum pump for alcohol concentration in the food industry

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