Screw Vacuum Pump for Battery Energy

Screw Vacuum Pump Applied in Battery Energy Manufacturing

Recently, a screw vacuum pump of EVP7.5kW platform was successfully delivered and installed. The screw vacuum pump is mainly used for vacuum applications in the manufacture of new energy batteries.

The screw vacuum pump adopts twin screw meshing and EVP self-contained profile technology, balances the precise inter-tooth clearance control, and achieves stable pumping efficiency and medium passing performance. At the same time, the screw vacuum pump belongs to dry vacuum pump, which not only ensures clean oil-free pumping environment, prevents pollution from being pumped space, but also reduces emission pollution treatment. It has been recognized and developed rapidly in many application fields. Exhibition.

Compared with the above characteristics, the battery manufacturing enterprises in the original use of rotary vane oil seal vacuum pump system, due to the existence of oil return and the need for additional fuel injection processing and other procedures, easy to cause excessive maintenance work, and even affect the production process seriously. Therefore, the enterprise decided to replace it with dry vacuum pump system. After layer-by-layer selection, EVP dry screw vacuum pump was finally selected.

Screw Vacuum Pump Dry Vacuum System, Clean and Hygienic, More Air Drainage

Screw Vacuum Pump of Structural Principle

The screw vacuum pump mainly consists of three parts: driving part, driving part and working part.

The drive part is driven by high performance three-phase asynchronous motor.

Driving part: Driving part has many high precision synchronous gears, including motor driving gear, dielectric wheel and a pair of synchronous time-limited gears connecting the rotor shaft, which transmit the power generated by the motor to the working part; Driving gears are all lubricated by oil immersion, and at the bottom of the transmission box there is a compulsory lubricating oil pump, which lubricates all bearings compulsively and prolongs the maintenance period of bearings greatly.
Working part: A sealed pump chamber is composed of intake and exhaust pump cover and pump shell. The inner of the pump chamber is meshed by a pair of parallel Yin and Yang rotors. The upper and lower ends of the bearing are fixed and suspended vertically in the sealed pump chamber. There is a small gap between the teeth of Yin and Yang rotors, between the rotors and the pump chamber. The rotors rotate in the pump chamber without friction or lubrication. Special custom combination seals are used at both ends of the rotor shaft to ensure leak-free in various rigorous processes. A complete water-cooled jacket cooling system is formed in the enclosed pump chamber to cool the pump chamber, exhaust end, bearing and seal. The heat of compressed gas and friction heat of bearing seal are taken away in time to ensure smooth temperature rise of inlet and exhaust, improve production safety, and greatly prolong the service life of bearing and seal.

The screw vacuum pump belongs to the environment-friendly vacuum pump. It has no sewage and can recover solvent. It is a professional manufacturer of screw vacuum pump in China. Its product quality is reliable and its performance is excellent. Screw vacuum pump can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, scientific research and other industries. In corrosive, corrosion, condensable, dust and other environments, can be used normally.

At present, the screw has a lot of achievements, except in remote areas such as Hainan, Tibet and other areas, the provinces have basically achieved results.

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