High performance oil free vane pump

High performance oil-free rotary vane pump, in response to the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection society advocated by the world today, will transform scientific and technological achievements into high-tech products, with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, stable operation, low noise, high reliability, long life, low temperature rise, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, simple structure, completely oil-free and easy to maintain.

Mute: scientific product structure design, advanced production process, application of multiple noise control technologies, ensure that the noise is lower, completely meet and meet international standards.

100% oil-free: the material of the machine itself does not contain oil substances, and no lubricating oil is added during operation, so the quality of the discharged air is greatly improved, and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is guaranteed, maintenance free!

The new design pump body is made of aluminum alloy, the heat sink is bigger and the heat dissipation effect is better!

Each pump is equipped with rubber shock pad, which makes the pump run more smoothly!


Installation and use of high performance oil-free vane pump

1. The vacuum pump shall be installed in a solid place on the ground, and there shall be sufficient space around for inspection, maintenance and repair.

2. The foundation level shall be kept under the vacuum pump base. It is recommended to pad damping rubber at the four corners of the base or use bolt casting for installation to ensure the smooth operation and small vibration of the vacuum pump.

3. The connecting pipeline between vacuum pump and system shall be sealed reliably. For small vacuum pump, metal pipeline connection gasket can be used. For small vacuum pump, oil-resistant rubber can be used. For small vacuum pump, vacuum rubber pipe connection can be used. The pipe diameter shall not be less than the suction diameter of vacuum pump, and the pipeline shall be short with few elbows. (the welding slag in the pipeline shall be removed when welding the pipeline, and it is forbidden to enter the vacuum pump cavity).

4. In the connecting pipeline, the user can install a valve and a vacuum gauge above the air inlet of the vacuum pump to check the limit pressure of the vacuum pump at any time.

5. Connect the power supply according to the motor label, and connect the ground wire and install the fuse and thermal relay of appropriate specification.

6. When the vacuum pump is powered on for test run, the motor belt must be removed, and the vacuum pump can be put into use only after confirming that the steering direction of the vacuum pump conforms to the specified direction, so as to prevent the reverse injection of the vacuum pump. (turn direction indicated by the protective cover).

7. For the vacuum pump with cooling water, connect the cooling water as required.

8. If a solenoid valve is installed at the vacuum pump port, the valve and the vacuum pump shall act simultaneously.

9. When the exhaust gas of the vacuum pump affects the working environment, the pipeline leading off or the oil mist filter can be installed at the exhaust port.

High performance oil-free vane pump application:

High performance oil-free rotary vane pump is a clean vacuum pump, which can work without oil lubrication and will not pollute the environment and be treated. It is suitable for vacuum drying and vacuum concentration. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, medical equipment, printing, book binding, vacuum handling, non-standard automation, vacuum packaging, PCB industry, Blister molding and laboratory.

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