6 basic considerations in vacuum pump selection

There are many types of vacuum pumps, and the working conditions and application fields are complicated. Therefore, there are many factors involved in the selection of vacuum pumps. EVP Vacuum Pump Factory will discuss with you the six most basic matters needing attention.

6 basic considerations in vacuum pump selection

1.In the selection of the vacuum pump, the determined product must ensure that the various gases released during the process can be smoothly extracted.

In the application process of vacuum pumps, there are various gas media, such as flammable and explosive, easy to condense, easy to react, and easy to corrode. The selected vacuum pump needs to ensure its applicability. For example, a large amount of water vapor is generated during the process, and the selected vacuum pump must be suitable for pumping water vapor.

2.The ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump must be higher than the vacuum required for process production, at least one order of magnitude higher, and the equipment is suitable for working within the required working vacuum range.

The ultimate vacuum of a vacuum pump is the vacuum that can be achieved when the pumping speed is zero. Therefore, in order to ensure the pumping speed of the vacuum pump within the working vacuum degree, it is necessary to satisfy that the ultimate vacuum degree is greater than the working vacuum degree, and a larger pumping speed is required in the interval.

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3.The pumping speed of the vacuum pump should be greater than the maximum discharge volume in the process.

In order to ensure the degree of vacuum, the pumping speed of the vacuum pump or vacuum system should be greater than the maximum amount of bleeding in the process if the continuous bleeding in the process is involved in the selection of vacuum pump. If there are cold traps or baffles in the system, the effective pumping speed after adding traps or baffles should be greater than the maximum gas discharge in the process. If a large amount of gas is released suddenly in the process, the effective pumping speed of the system should be increased appropriately, usually to 2-3 times of the maximum amount of gas released.

4.In the selection of vacuum pump, its working medium and manufacturing materials must meet the process requirements.

Vacuum pump application, especially in medicine, chemical industry, battery and other fields, the extraction medium is often corrosive gas, at this time, the equipment is required to have corresponding anti-corrosion measures. For example, the acid-base gas needs corresponding anti-corrosion coating or the material of the pump needs stainless steel for anti-corrosion; for the gas with dust or particles, the dust remover, filter or the pump itself should be added in front of the inlet of the pump to resist it, etc.

5.In the process of continuous production, the vacuum pump must meet the needs of continuous production. If necessary, automatic replacement spare vacuum pump is set to reduce production interruption caused by accidents. If the amount of outgassing in the process is smaller and smaller, the maintenance pump can be set to achieve energy saving.

6.The economy of vacuum pump.

In the process of vacuum pump selection, when a variety of vacuum pumps can meet the process requirements at the same time, the economic analysis of the cost and operation cost should be carried out, and the vacuum pump with good economy, reliable operation, small amount of maintenance and convenient use and maintenance should be selected.

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