Air Blowers selection precautions

The air blower has dual functions of blowing and suction, one machine can be used for suction or blowing, which is equivalent to the function of rotary vane vacuum pump; the blower operates with little oil or no oil, and the output air is clean; compared with centrifugal fan and medium pressure fan, the pressure of blower is much higher, which is more than ten times of centrifugal fan. The output pressure of blower is as high as 65kpa If the pump body is a whole die casting, and the shockproof mounting foot seat is used, then it has very low requirements for the installation foundation, and even can operate normally without fixing the foot base, which is very convenient and also saves installation cost and installation cycle; compared with other types of fans, the noise of blower is lower, the greater the power is, the more obvious it will be It is shown that: the blower is free of maintenance; its wear and tear parts are only two bearings, which are basically not required to be maintained during the warranty period; the mechanical wear of the blower is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except the bearing, so the service life is also very long.

The main demand of air blower in the metallurgical industry of industrial furnace is to supply and induce air for industrial furnace. Ensure the full combustion of coal in the furnace. The requirement of metallurgical industry for blower products is to be able to withstand high temperature. The temperature of medium gas is generally about 200 ~ 11500 ℃.


It will play an important role in the development of metallurgical industry in the future.

The selection of air blower is very important. There are many factors to be considered in the process of blower selection. The manufacturer of EVP vacuum pump introduces the matters needing attention in the selection of blower.

The following describes the precautions for air blower selection:

1: It is necessary to determine the function, suction or blowing of the special blower for metallurgy, and find out the corresponding pressure flow curve of the blower

If the selection is wrong, the selected product will not work normally.

2: In the blower curve chart to find the pressure flow working curve, it is best to communicate with professional sales, select the right blower model.

air blowers size

Select the air blower according to the delivered gas

First of all, we should consider some basic properties of the gas to be transported, such as the blower used for conveying clean air, general ventilation and air exchange; if the gas is corrosive, special anti-corrosion blower will be used; then the explosion-proof fan will be used for flammable and explosive gas. Of course, these are just the types of fans. If you have to carefully select the specifications and models, you have to determine them according to the performance of the fans.

Select the air blower according to the air volume and pressure

Secondly, it is necessary to think about the air volume and air pressure that need to be reached, which should be determined according to the requirements of the actual workplace. In general, the performance parameters of the fan in the standard state are given on the fan sample, but the actual operation can only be obtained through conversion.

Above is the EVP vacuum pump manufacturer to introduce the air blower selection considerations. Hope to help you to choose the right blower.

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