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Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers of application

The water ring vacuum pump is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, mining, light industry, pharmaceutical industry. With the rapid development of vacuum application technology, people pay more and more attention to the use of water ring vacuum pump in the vacuum area. Because the gas in the pump cavity is compressed at the same temperature, the water ring vacuum pump can pump flammable, explosive, or gas containing moisture and dust.

Operating water can also be changed into other liquids. Although the liquid is used as working fluid, the pump is usually called liquid ring vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are mostly and widely used.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of two uses

I. vacuum pumping:

Liquid ring vacuum pump used in vacuum drying oven, rotary evaporator, double deck glass reaction kettle equipment such as vacuum, reduce pressure in the experimental equipment, make the test samples under the condition of low temperature rapid evaporation, used in the vacuum drying oven, for example, can make the material under the condition of high vacuum using low temperature fast drying, does not destroy the sample of effective ingredients, and do not cause secondary pollution.

Liquid ring vacuum pump and liquid ring multi-purpose vacuum pump, as the name implies, in addition to vacuum shall also have the circulation use, however, a lot of units in the use of liquid ring vacuum pump is not used outside the vacuum USES, such as a rotary evaporation experiments, it is often used method is to put the vacuum pump suction mouth connected directly to the condenser vacuum air mouth of suction, if you feel slow extraction can put two tap parallel rise again to the spin steaming, that is to increase the extraction rate, however, vacuum pump tank because water is pumped into a large amount of steam and heat, when the temperature rises to more than 40 ℃, would reduce the extraction efficiency, We look at the water tank on the back, will notice the tank with two water mouth, the two water nozzle is the water temperature is too high in order to solve the water tank design, the water tank water mouth after a water pipe in the pool, the water mouth with water pipe connected to water, turn on the tap, adjust to the appropriate flow, this can prevent the water temperature is too high vacuum degree is reduced, and can reduce corrosive gas radiation of liquid ring vacuum pump.

Ii. Multi-purpose usage:

In addition to vacuuming and water circulation, the liquid ring vacuum pump has another purpose, that is to provide cooling water for the condenser.

Specific operation method is: the rotary evaporator or double deck glass reaction kettle of the condenser water inlet with a hose connected to the outlet of the vacuum pump on the back, then the outlet of the condenser with a hose connected to a water inlet, check the hose connection is firm, open the liquid ring vacuum pump power switch, then rotate the knob switch at the back of the vacuum pump, open flow rate to adjust to the right position, thus realize multi-usage.

Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers

Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers

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