Screw Vacuum Pump in Wood Processing

Speaking of screw vacuum pump, everyone will first think of it as a clean equipment in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other industries, but in addition to these industries, there are many industries also need to use it, such as wood processing industry, the following will introduce the application of equipment in wood processing industry:

Screw Vacuum Pump in Wood Processing

I. Log Impregnation

1. Impregnate logs to avoid decay in unprotected environments. For this reason, the logs are packed in Large airtight containers.
2. After loading, the water vapor in the wood is extracted by the liquid ring pump above the container. Then, chromium and arsenic mixture is injected into the container.

2. Wood Preservation

1. Whether before or after processing, wood should be protected to avoid adverse environmental effects, such as heat, humidity, insect pests and microorganisms. It has been widely used to convert wood into preservative solution for wood preservation.
2. The wood is degassed and dried with the aid of degassing, so that the depth of penetration of preservatives is much deeper, thus greatly optimizing the protection effect.

3. Maintaining and Grabbing

1. In order to ensure the safety of the processing process, the workpiece is usually automatically fixed on the workbench through the vacuum sucker. In order to ensure that the workpiece is firmly fixed on the workbench during the processing, the vacuum stability of at least 15HgV is affirmative.
2. If the vacuum is below the very low required vacuum, then the workpiece cannot be fixed firmly.

4. Screw vacuum pumps are also used as central vacuum systems for wood processing to increase energy efficiency and to reduce costs associated with wood maintenance and special workbenches that are no longer necessary. Application: Wood drying, wood preservation, log impregnation.

5. Wood drying

1. The use of traditional wood drying chambers makes the drying time from the past few weeks to the present only three to four days.
2. During the drying process, the pressure of the drying chamber decreases gradually, and the drying chamber is filled with high-pressure steam. Oxygen is pumped away

to avoid wood cracks and color changes. These changes are usually due to excessive oxygen content, which is used to circulate steam and transfer heat to wood.
Screw vacuum pump is a renewal product of oil-sealed vacuum pump, which can extract gas equipment containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust. Therefore, it is the right choice to use it in the dust-laden industry of wood processing, so it can be said that the application of equipment is very extensive.

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