Ductile Iron Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

EVP solemnly recommends to you a new generation of LGB series compact, efficient and energy-saving ductile iron screw vacuum pump. The main feature of the pump is that the screw pitch design than other competitors of the rod pump energy saving more than 30%, the exhaust gas temperature is also lower.

Model no. : lgb-110 lgb-160 lgb-220 lgb-300

Dry screw vacuum pump material:

Pump body: ductile iron, no coating

Rotor: cast iron, uncoated

Synchronous gear: alloy steel, fine grinding, helical gear

Seal: oil seal

For choice: NIFA or Niflon coating, ni-p alloy coating

Screw vacuum pump product features:

Patented variable pitch rotor design

The exhaust gas is at a lower temperature

No oil or water contact flow gas

There is no metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts

The simple and robust design can handle flow gases containing liquids, condensates, and even tiny particles

Silent running — below 90dB(A)

How to solve the screw vacuum pump compression?

How to solve the screw vacuum pump compression? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here’s how:

1, in the screw vacuum pump, the auxiliary automatic exhaust valve is a unique structure, generally choose rubber ball valve, its effect is to deal with the screw vacuum pump in the whole process of operation caused by the over-shrinkage and insufficient shrinkage of the situation. These two conditions are caused by too much output power cost, because there is no immediate automatic exhaust valve, water ring vacuum pump and exhaust pipe with pressure from beginning to end is fixed, the compression of water ring vacuum pump than the decision to stop parts of the air inlet and the outlet of the start-stop, these two parts fixed won’t change, so must, not suitable for suction pressure changes.

2, in order to deal with the screw vacuum pump this problem, in general, the rubber ball valve is set directly below the air outlet, to facilitate when the screw vacuum pump cavity too early to do the exhaust pipe pressure, the gate valve fully open, steam exhaust, to deal with the reduction of the situation. Generally in the design of the water ring vacuum pump with zui low suction pressure to determine the compression ratio, so as to determine the starting and ending of the air outlet, so as to deal with the situation of insufficient reduction

3, screw vacuum pump and the outlet of each further reduce the capacity of small cavity pressure rise further, when the gas pressure of gas exceeds the exhaust gas pressure, by narrowing the gas was discharged from the outlet, in continuous operation in the whole process of the screw vacuum pump, constantly engaged in breathing, narrow, exhaust pipe, and then achieve the aim of continuous vacuum.

Ductile iron dry screw vacuum pump

Ductile iron dry screw vacuum pump

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