gas air vacuum pump

Gas vacuum pump station

Vacuum pump of overview

Vacuum pump station (also known as vacuum generator, vacuum negative pressure station, etc.) is a complete system with one or two water ring vacuum pump as vacuum acquisition equipment and vacuum tank as vacuum storage equipment. In the case of frequent use of vacuum source, the pumping water is not very large, compared with the direct use of vacuum pump, the system saves a lot of energy, effectively improve the service life of vacuum pump.

gas air vacuum pump

Vacuum pump application

The equipment can provide vacuum source board for the medical gas center station of domestic and domestic large and medium-sized hospitals. It is widely used in vacuum stations in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, canning systems in the light industry, and vacuum forming of rubber and plastic engineering parts in the automotive industry. Vacuum source (V method, VRH, v-epc) used in impregnation and foundry industry for flame retardant conveyor belt of coal mine.

Vacuum pump c cannibalism theory

After the device starts for the first time, all running processes can be fully automated. During its working process, the vacuum in the vacuum system always fluctuates within the allowable range, and the fluctuation range can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements.

The device automatically controls the system when no one is operating and automatically shuts down the vacuum system during power outages.

The device is equipped with a gas-water separator, which can save water and reduce environmental pollution.

If the circulating waste water is not discharged, the working liquid heat exchanger can be added to realize the closed circulation of the working liquid, thus greatly reducing the waste water discharge.

The vacuum tank of this device can be designed horizontally and vertically according to the field, and the installation is more flexible.

Vacuum pump c cannibalism theory

Choose the right vacuum pump according to the parameters

To help you choose the right pump, please tell me the following details:

1. What is the medium?

2. What is the maximum pumping speed?

3. What is the motor power?

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