Liquid ring pump thread connecting industry

Threaded liquid ring vacuum pump, coating treatment, specially designed for the plastic industry, coating treatment in the pump cavity.

Liquid ring vacuum pump as compressed air precautions for using

When using vacuum pump as compressed air, liquid ring vacuum pump can be selected. When choosing liquid ring vacuum pump as compressed air, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct selection. If the model selection is improper, the motor of the liquid ring pump will be overloaded and the motor will be burnt out.

If the liquid ring pump is used as compressed air, because the external air is continuously drawn into the vacuum pump, but it can not be discharged in time after compression, so the liquid ring pump will be blocked from discharging, which will cause the internal pressure of the liquid ring pump to be too large, resulting in motor overload. To effectively prevent this kind of situation, it is necessary to select the corresponding standard electric motor when equipped with the motor The motor of the first model will make the liquid ring pump work normally. It should also be noted that when the liquid ring pump is used as a compressor, only the liquid ring pump with coupling connection can be selected, so that the motor can be changed freely. If the direct connected liquid ring pump is selected, the motor cannot be replaced according to the actual requirements, because each type of direct connected liquid ring pump can only be equipped with one type of motor, if the motor is larger, the pump The head also needs to be larger, so it still does not prevent the occurrence of overload. Therefore, how to choose the liquid ring pump as the air compression pump reasonably needs to be selected according to the actual working condition requirements. Never choose it at will.

In short, due to the isothermal compression of liquid ring pump, solid can pump out flammable and explosive gases. Because there is no exhaust valve and friction surface, the solid can remove the dust containing gas, condensable gas and gas water mixture. Because of these outstanding characteristics, although it is inefficient, it is still widely used. I plant specializing in the production of liquid ring vacuum pump, has a long history of production, reliable technical support, good after-sales service, please feel free to buy!

Liquid ring pump thread connecting industry

Liquid ring pump thread connecting industry

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