Milking machine selection vacuum pump

Matters needing attention when choosing a vacuum pump for a milking machine

The selection of the vacuum pump in the milking machine is very important. How to choose the vacuum pump correctly must first understand the principle of the milking machine. The milking machine is composed of a vacuum pump and a milking machine. Vacuum pumps mainly include electric motors, vacuum pumps, vacuum regulators and vacuum pressure gauges; milking devices mainly include milking barrels, pulsators (or pulsators), milk collectors, and milking cups. The basic principle is to imitate the calf sucking milk, the vacuum pump generates negative pressure, the real air conditioner maintains the vacuum required for the milking process, and the pulsator controls the milking rhythm to promote the reduction of the internal pressure of the milking machine and the opening of the milking cow’s nipple tube. Then finish the milk extrusion process.

Milking machine selection vacuum pump

A stable vacuum should be maintained during the milking process. If the vacuum is too high or too low and irregularly shaken, the incidence of cow mastitis will advance. Too high a vacuum will damage the nipple skin and nipple sphincter, aggravate the nipple valgus condition, causing the cow’s udder to be invaded by bacteria, and then cause cow mastitis; when the vacuum is too low, the nipple will be deflected and cause leakage. Qi causes air to enter the milk cup, contaminate the nipples, and cause mastitis; when the vacuum is irregularly shaken, the milk may flow back into the milk cow’s nipple tube, bringing bacteria on the milk cup into the nipple tube, causing inflammation of the breast. In addition, a real air conditioner is an important guarantee for maintaining a stable vacuum. An imperfect conditioner cannot keep the vacuum of the milking machine stable. If air enters the milking cup and the vacuum is lowered, it is also easy to cause mastitis.

Vacuum Pump Tips:

2bv vacuum pump

The quality inspection procedure of the mechanical seal that cannot be ignored in the vacuum pump

When analyzing the reasons for the leakage of vacuum pump mechanical seals, people often find the reasons in the planning of the mechanical seal, such as whether the selection of the mechanical seal is appropriate, whether the data selection is correct, whether the specific pressure of the sealing surface is correct, whether the conflict pair is selected Reasonable etc. Then combine the external conditions of the mechanical seal of the vacuum pump to find the reasons, such as whether the conditions (smooth, scouring, cooling) for the mechanical seal are suitable, and whether the equipment of the auxiliary system is suitable. However, following the professional standards of mechanical seals, the planning should have been standardized. And aware of the negative impact of the low quality of the external conditions of the mechanical seal, the key factors affecting the seal life seem to be transferred to other problems. That is, we often neglect the quality inspection of the complete set of mechanical seals supplied by the manufacturer, taking it for granted that the quality is reliable. Few people think that the lack of quality inspection, the same results will lead to a reduction in the life of the seal after use, and even the problem of leakage in the process of static pressure testing.

After repeated inspections on the quality of mechanical seals, it is found that a complete set of mechanical seals will also present many problems that affect mechanical seal equipment and application. Only by strengthening the sampling and inspection of mechanical seals, many unnecessary wastes can be avoided and production incidents can be reduced at the same time.

air-water separator of the vacuum pump

Modification of the structure of the air-water separator of the vacuum pump

The water-containing gas discharged from the vacuum pump directly enters the gas-water separator along the tangential direction of the cylinder, which accelerates the inlet of the gas-water separator and the wear of the inner wall of the cylinder, reduces the service life of the gas-water separator, and increases the repair. strength.

In order to deal with this problem, the first thing is to change the cylinder material of the air-water separator from the original A3 steel to a glass fiber reinforced plastic material with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and install the pipeline between the vacuum pump outlet and the air-water separator air inlet The interval is extended to 3.9m, and the pipe diameter is increased to 325mm. The seamless steel pipe with a wall thickness of 10mm is used to move the air-water separator from indoor to outdoor, which not only reduces indoor noise, but also improves the operating environment of the post. . On the other hand, it can have a good buffering effect and reduce the scouring force of the airflow entering the cylinder on the cylinder wall. Secondly, the tangential air inlet of the air separator is changed to a radial air inlet, and a conical baffle is added to the end face of the radial air inlet, which can not only reduce the impact of the radial air inlet on the cylinder The wall wears down, and the tapered baffle once again has a cushioning effect. After all, connect the bottom return pipe of the air separator to the concrete trench, so that the return water enters the circulating water system for repeated use.

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